What are our Employees Saying?

In a recent employee survey, over 85% of Intergraph Canada employees would recommend Intergraph as a great place to work. There are many great things about working for Intergraph so it really depends on what you value and what you are looking for. Some of our strengths according to responses received on the survey include:


Being part of a team of professionals who are top in their field. One employee noted in a recent in employee survey that what they enjoyed most about working here was the opportunity to work with a 'great team of people that have a passion for what they do and do it better than most in our industry'.

Leading Edge Technology

Intergraph is recognized as an innovator and pioneer in interactive graphics technology. As the leading global engineering and geospatial software provider, businesses and governments in more than 60 countries rely on Intergraph solutions.

This company gives me the chance to learn and contribute to 'some of the industry's best technology that our customers are passionate about.'

Challenging work

The industries we serve are as varied as the technology solutions that we provide and this allows individuals the opportunity to learn about new industries and technologies, and to participate in team or individual assignments that challenge them to apply their knowledge, experience and education in new and exciting ways.

I get the opportunity to work on 'constantly changing projects' that 'challenge my abilities and skills.'

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