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SmartPlant Construction Now Available!

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Chematur Engineering, Sweden Video

See how Chematur Engineering uses SmartPlant 3D to take advantage of global worksharing and increased productivity.

“With SmartPlant 3D, we can deliver a better quality plant.”

Mr. Anders Holmberg
Director of Information Systems,
Chematur Engineering AB

For the chemical industry, today's challenge is sustainability in the market – which means operational efficiency is a must. Through Intergraph chemical plant design, construction, and maintenance solutions, leading firms can better design and build plants, reduce time to market, gain control over information assets, and build plants in record time.

3D Modeling & Visualization

As the leading supplier of 3D plant design solutions to leading chemical companies such as Dow Chemicals and BASF for more than 25 years, Intergraph's latest 3D modeling and visualization applications continue to support all key aspects of project execution for the chemical industry, from conceptual plant design, through detailed design and construction, into plant operations and maintenance. Learn more


For the chemical market, Intergraph analysis solutions diminish the risks of processing, storing, and transporting dangerous materials. We use the latest global design codes and standards to help prevent substandard design that can lead to regulatory violations and costly and sometimes dangerous system failures. Intergraph CAESAR II® automates the analyses of stresses associated with the design of piping systems in chemical plants and other facilities. Intergraph PV Elite® automates the analyses and design of vessels and exchangers exposed to high temperatures and pressures. Intergraph TANK™ analyzes and design storage tanks for oil and petroleum products according to the latest industry standards and codes. Learn more

Engineering & Schematics

Intergraph's engineering and design solutions help with fast-track project execution, flexibility to make changes to the process and batch campaigns to meet the market demands, and lower the operational cost and risks in operating and maintaining your plant. Learn more

Information Management

Intergraph's information management products, active in companies such as Dow Chemical, play a critical role in both sustaining engineering and operations support functions. Management of change plus direct access to data and documents enable engineering, maintenance, and operations personnel to troubleshoot and mitigate unplanned outages in the shortest possible time, keeping production rates on track with market demands. Learn more

Procurement, Fabrication, & Construction

Surplus materials caused by ineffective materials management can result in the loss of millions of dollars on an average capital project. Without continuous management and project performance, it is difficult to take the appropriate corrective action to prevent schedule delays. Effectively managing these complicated business processes in an integrated environment throughout all phases of the project life cycle is vital. Learn more


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