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Intergraph serves as the source for infrastructure management and integrated operational support solutions for managing the communications network assets of communications companies. These assets could belong to electric and gas utilities, the private sector, university, and federal or military entities that maintain their own private communications network. We provide a suite of solutions to help you address work design, network asset management, the Internet, and integrated mobile work force management. The foundation component for our solutions is a comprehensive, enterprise-capable, network asset infrastructure management platform that houses a connected data model of the entire communications infrastructure. Intergraph solutions are based on open, scalable products optimized for interactive graphic performance, ease of integration, and the enterprise data integrity needs of both inside plant (ISP) and outside plant (OSP) operations.

  • Communications Infrastructure Management  The cost of deploying copper, fiber, and wireless networks has increased significantly. Competition has forced communications companies to look for every opportunity to contain cost and maximize the use of existing networks. Intergraph’s communications infrastructure management (CIM) provides you with solutions to reduce operational costs and offers access to network configuration. CIM also provides capacity information that supports the decision-making process related to network expansion and maximum use of the existing infrastructure.
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection  Utilities, dams, government installations, large venues, and other infrastructure have all been affected by catastrophes, such as acts of terrorism and natural disasters. Intergraph’s security solutions integrate physical security information management (PSIM) with our industry-leading CAD software, giving you a PSIM+ solution for end-to-end security. We empower you to detect, assess, and respond during planned events and unplanned incidents of any magnitude.
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