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Consumer Goods

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Consumer goods companies have short engineering life cycles, moving ideas to market very quickly. Intergraph solutions for manufacturing plant design give you the power of better plant design, more efficient management of your plant data, the ability to improve your materials management processes, and the opportunity to enhance your overall manufacturing plant efficiency.

3D Modeling & Visualization

Intergraph's plant design solutions have been used as an integral part of the planning, design, and construction of major manufacturing facilities worldwide by companies like Proctor and Gamble using Intergraph's fully integrated SmartPlant® 3D plant design and SmartPlant Review visualization applications. Learn more


Intergraph solutions integrate analysis with plant design, allow designers and engineers to work more closely together and seamlessly share information. This gives you the confidence that your specification-driven designs and analyses are kept in synch, which reduces error, saves engineering labor hours, and lowers costs. Our analysis solutions also automate the analyses and design of facilities that produce the materials and components that go into the manufacture of consumer goods, such as plastics, forest products, food products, and beverages. Learn more

Engineering & Schematics

SmartPlant Engineering & Schematics solutions offer the capabilities to design a consumer goods plant with packaged units and create the interconnectivities and deliverables. In addition, the software provides an easy-to-use, flexible solution for re-configuring production lines and promoting operational tasks such as maintenance.
Learn more

Information Management

For consumer goods customers, the plant must operate at optimal capacity. To meet market demands with minimal outage requires the collaboration of many disciplines, both internal and external. Coordinating the information life cycle and promoting value-chain collaboration are Intergraph's information management offerings. Learn more

Materials Management & Project Controls (Procurement, Fabrication & Construction)

Surplus materials caused by ineffective materials management can result in the loss of millions of dollars on an average capital project. Intergraph's solutions can help you effectively managing these complicated business processes in an integrated environment throughout all phases of your project's life cycle. Learn more


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