Fuel Your RMS With the Industry's Most Powerful CAD

When emergencies occur, having the right information in seconds can be the difference between a life saved and a life lost. Integrating your existing RMS with the industry’s most powerful CAD is precisely what your organization needs to fuel lifesaving results in your community.

Intelligent Integration

How the Integration is Accomplished

While some CAD solutions are built on proprietary databases, Intergraph's computer-aided dispatch (I/CAD) system works with industry-standard database technologies and can integrate with records management systems that are using other database technologies. This is accomplished using a new and unique, easy-to-understand interface development platform that replaces the need for custom coding, reducing risks and saving organizations money.

EdgeFrontier allows quick and easy bidirectional updates using customizable business rules without causing disruption to enterprise RMS and CAD systems. This modern, no-code interface helps your agency build your own software solutions as your needs evolve.

Intergraph's integration with RMS databases offers maximum flexibility. We are compatible with RMS that run on Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM Informix, and open-source databases.


Benefits of Adding Intergraph to Your RMS

An enterprise records management system sits at the heart of any public safety and security agency. It allows queries and management of data for efficient operations, investigations, and crime analyses, so you stay informed when changes happen.

  • A smart approach to intelligent integration with your dispatch system is critical for better incident response and management. Intergraph’s smart RMS integration allows you to do that.
  • Using EdgeFrontier, Intergraph unlocks the potential of available data in CAD systems. Our modern, no-code approach to integration is non-disruptive to your current RMS installation.
  • Our platform simplifies bidirectional integration between CAD and RMS to promote reusable and repeatable software interfaces, broaden flexibility for upgrades, and lower total cost of interface ownership.
  • When integrated with I/CAD, EdgeFrontier assures maximum and effective use of your RMS.
Our Smart Integration Technology

Integrating data from multiple sources is essential to making smarter decisions. With limited budgets and changing technologies, a flexible software solution that sits in the middle of your RMS and CAD, and integrates with other public safety devices, is essential for today's emergency response agencies. EdgeFrontier has a simplified approach to intelligent integration which can be critical to better incident response and enhanced reporting.

The following are some examples of systems EdgeFrontier can be used to integrate.

  • Intergraph or third-party software applications, such as CAD
  • Video surveillance, sensor, and alarm management systems
  • Mobile technology platforms
  • Emergency Operations Center (EOC) systems
  • Automatic vehicle location (AVL) systems
  • Intrusion detection and access control systems
  • Law enforcement records management systems
  • Radio frequency identification (RFID) systems
  • Mass notification and paging systems
  • Fire station alerting systems
  • Local, provincial, and federal databases
  • Business intelligence and other analysis software
Intergraph's Computer-Aided Dispatch Features

Intergraph’s industry-leading computer-aided dispatch (I/CAD) system helps agencies prepare for next-generation communications. I/CAD allows the integration of voice and text calls with video and photo attachments. It offers unprecedented interoperability and easy interface deployment, as well as support for Microsoft® Bing and Google Maps. Our technologies conform to NIEM standards for coordinated multi-agency response, and are the choice of more than 2,500 agencies in 28 countries.

  • Integrates voice, text, and data
  • Combines call control and incident creation
  • Displays incoming and answered calls
  • Enables smoother interoperability
  • Supports advanced mobile technologies
  • Allows person-level tracking
  • Incorporates intelligent notifications
  • Supports configurability to fit any operational work flow
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