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Local, provincial, and federal governments across Canada and around the world use Intergraph solutions for infrastructure management, land information management, cartographic production, border security, and spatial data infrastructures (SDI). These solutions use best-of-class geospatial technology that is open, enterprise scalable, and supports industry data standards for solving government business problems. Collaboration is a growing requirement of interaction between government service providers but also between the service provider and the community. This includes diverse implementations such as the Canadian Geospatial Data Infrastructure, the (US) National Spatial Data Infrastructure, and projects motivated by the INSPIRE Directive of the European Community.

  • Border Security   Intergraph’s border security solution combines vast amount of data from different security systems into one common operating picture to detect border threats.
  • Emergency Management   Support and consolidate emergency management activities including prevention and response planning, analysis, monitoring, and recovery for natural disasters and large public events.
  • Infrastructure Management   Providing and managing water, wastewater, and transportation systems are fundamental requirements for government agencies. Intergraph’s infrastructure management solution provides tools to build and maintain digital spatial data infrastructure models for water, wastewater, and storm water systems, as well as digital infrastructure models for municipal transportation systems. Our solution lets you analyze the working conditions of current infrastructure and plan for infrastructure improvements as demands change.
  • Land Information Management   Intergraph’s solution for land information management for local and regional governments typically includes parcel mapping, land valuation, permitting, management of city-owned property, and zoning. We provide geospatial tools for land ownership, land valuation, agriculture, and natural resource management.
  • Mapping and Cartographic Production   Intergraph’s mapping and cartographic production solution allows you to collect, manage, and produce cartographic products. Our solution includes geospatial tools to collect data, manage the data, and produce geospatial mapping products. Mapping agencies use the mapping data to build and maintain a landscape model database and a cartographic model database. Our solution can be used to produce digital and hardcopy products at varying scales from your geospatial databases.
  • Public Services   Intergraph offers public information services solutions that enable government organizations, businesses, and citizens to access government information, request services, and purchase government information.
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