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InService Solution for Utilities

Intergraph’s InService for Smart Grid solution, featuring industry-leading technology for outage management (OMS), distribution management (DMS) and mobile workforce management (MWFM), helps you quickly detect and respond to potential outages and mobilize your crews with dynamic work ordering and scheduling in an integrated operating model. Using a single user interface, you can power smarter decisions by receiving immediate input and control over remotely-monitored infrastructure, alarms, network operations, and power flows.

With Intergraph's InService outage management system, you can reduce service restoration times by as much as 33 percent. Our InService solution helps utility personnel, including operators, dispatchers, and field crews, quickly identify the cause of an outage and efficiently assign and coordinate the necessary resources to restore power or other services faster than ever before. Our outage and distribution management solutions provide a unique geospatial map shared by both dispatchers and field personnel using mobile devices, allowing optimum coordination between dispatcher and crews.

Field automation and extending critical business applications to remote users are critical components to improve productivity and reduce cost. Intergraph®’s InService Mobile Workforce Management solution displays maps in the field, and coordinates routing, dispatch tracking, and status reporting for utility field personnel. This mobile solution includes field design, routine equipment inspections, and short-cycle crew order work management. With our enterprise-scalable platform, you won’t need to work with multiple dispatch systems to coordinate your crews. Through Intergraph’s partnership with IFS 360 Scheduling, we can now provide even better results with our MWFM solution. With 360’s Dynamic Scheduling Engine, you can allocate your resources based on account worker skills, service level agreements, travel time, traffic delays, new work orders, and many other conditions to produce the optimal schedule for any given time, and elevate customer service.



Outage Management
  • Reduce service restoration times by as much as 33%
  • Provide the foundation for improving outage response and restoration times
  • Quickly analyze and diagnose trouble, efficiently dispatch and mobilize field crews
  • Streamline operations and help deliver improved customer satisfaction with increased awareness of the restoration activities provided to customers
  • Single integrated console for the smart grid to improve overall situational awareness and achieve significant cost savings and efficiency in grid operations
  • Switch plans aid in quicker restoration by providing accurate and timely information to the right field crews
  • Increase network reliability by proactively monitoring the grid for potential problems using distribution analytics and alarming for notification
  • Enhance operational efficiency by managing orders electronically and reducing the need for radio communications
  • Improve customer satisfaction by providing accurate and timely communication to customers during outages
  • Lessen operational costs by quickly locating the closest qualified crews via real-time GPS integration
  • Reduce time to restore power by using the trouble analysis engine to pinpoint the most probable outage location
Distribution Management
  • Advanced SCADA for data acquisition and real-time processing and alarming
  • Distribution state estimator and engineering powerflow optimization
  • Robust suite that provides command and control solutions to manage distribution and outages
  • Configurable off-the-shelf system based on non-proprietary technologies to manage a broad range of job types
  • Simply and intuitive user interfaces for the advanced and occasional users
  • Simulation model to dynamically reflect network and real-world operational environments
  • Integrated power systems analysis that will improve rapid decision making to optimize distribution using real-time and historical data
  • Interaction with smart meters to manage real-time load and operational status
  • Calculation of power through all elements in subsystem based on GIS attributes
  • Detection of most probable fault location within a network from smart devices and ability to isolate or restore service to feeder section
Mobile Workforce Management
  • Ensure crews with the appropriate resources are dispatched to complete a job
  • Eliminate labor-intensive paperwork and reduce data entry errors with our automated work order/dispatch process
  • Optimize street-level routing between jobs and reduce manual sorting tickets and work assignments
  • Collect data in the field to ensure crews and dispatchers are working with the most accurate, up-to-date information available
  • Monitor your crew’s productivity and safety through wireless work updates and GPS tracking
  • Use MWFM’s trouble analysis engine to quickly locate the closest qualified crews, helping restore power faster than ever before
  • Create a more reliable network for your customers by analyzing the network’s partial restorations and reducing outage duration times
  • Resolve issues with fewer service visits and on-site employees while providing accurate and timely communication to customers and receiving real-time status updates on work orders
  • Create real-time order assignments to the most qualified crews based on configurable parameters (priority, drive time, etc.) without dispatcher involvement
  • Take advantage of slip scheduling to adjust a crew’s workload when a particular job needs to be completed
  • Automatically dispatch large volumes of work to crews following a user-defined set of rules that match skill sets and attributes to the right jobs
  • Manually assign work orders within the same user interface as the outage management system
  • Dispatcher productivity alerts (i.e., when an assignment cannot be completed, when a crew goes out of wireless coverage, or when an appointment time is in danger of being missed)
Infrastructure Protection
    • Physical Security Information Management Plus (PSIM+) solution includes Intergraph computer aided-dispatch application—an industry-leading dispatch response solution—that helps you manage incidents from detection to resolution
    • Optimal situational awareness with data from multiple sources presented in one common operating picture
    • Scalable, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) framework with an agile architecture that can be adjusted to your requirements
    • Standard adaptors from leading alarm, video, and sensor vendors to create an “open” system that requires short implementation time frames and reduction in costs
    • Communications interfaces allow seamless coordination between radio, telephone, and computer dispatch systems, so urgent information can be shared quickly and accurately
    • Update incident status and provide activity logs from the field with mobile devices
    • Incident detection aids in decision-making of appropriate responses by interfacing with access control systems, radar, and video assessment
    • Build and manage a response plan to disaster recovery through the presentation of strategies, standard operating procedures, and compliance checks
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