Nuclear & Power Generation

Software solutions for conventional and nuclear power plant design, construction, and operation

Nuclear & Power Generation

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Intergraph addresses the complete life cycle of large fossil fuel, hydroelectric, or nuclear plants involved in generating power for commercial and residential use. By better understanding the information about the plant, owners can maximize their return on investment to bring a large plant online, improve plant efficiency, and lower power plant operating costs. From new power plant design and construction to nuclear plant maintenance, owners can benefit from a consolidated and managed source of asset information, such as maintaining effective change control over their valuable plant data.

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Download Utilities Middle East Article: Get with the Programme - As the Middle East continues to expand its power utilities, software systems firms are keeping up with developments and helping drive gains in efficiency and safety.

3D Modeling & Visualization

The supply of power for industrial and domestic use is placing increasing pressures on electricity generation capacity, resulting in major investment in new power generation plants worldwide. SmartPlant® 3D's multi-discipline intelligent plant modeling environment is ideally suited for the design and construction of both conventional power generation plants, as well as being used on the latest generation of nuclear reactors designed by leading nuclear reactor designers such as Candu Energy, Westinghouse, Siemens, General Electric, and Hitachi. Learn more


In power generation, companies look to Intergraph solutions at each phase of the plant design and engineering life-cycle process, whether the facility uses fossil, hydroelectric, or nuclear fuel sources. Intergraph analysis solutions help diminish risk for the major multigenerational capital investments required for nuclear and other power generation facilities.

When combined with our advanced levels of integration and more complete and accurate deliverables, our solutions aid the design process by ensuring that facilities come on stream earlier and with greater reliability. Learn more

Engineering & Schematics

SmartPlant Engineering & Schematics is proven and the perfect-fit solution for the power industry, both conventional and nuclear. Intergraph offers rule-driven design for power plants to ensure that design is in compliance with safety standards. SmartPlant Engineering & Schematics solutions are well positioned to address the steam generation, distribution, and generation side of design as well as the power substation. Rules help enforce compliance. The instrument and electrical tasks will manage the safe and efficient operations of the plant and the distribution of power to the grid. In conjunction with the physical modeling in 3D, Intergraph offers the best-of-class power generation solution on the market. Learn more

Information Management

Ensuring that the plant's configuration, operational envelope, and license basis are not lost to avoid potential shutdowns is a critical information and configuration management issue addressed by Intergraph solutions. IMS and PIMS initiatives by a majority of the world's major commercial reactor vendors, equipment suppliers, and utility customers are using Intergraph information management technologies in support of their 10CFR Part 10 and 10CFR Part 50 Paragraph B compliance activities. Learn more

Materials Management & Project Controls (Procurement, Fabrication, & Construction)

For a typical new power generation facility or extension, 10 to 15 percent of the total cost is for engineering design and 50 to 60 percent of the costs are related to material. It is obvious that surplus materials caused by ineffective materials management, even to levels of only five percent, can result in the loss of millions of dollars on an average capital project. Without continuous management and project performance, it is difficult to take the appropriate corrective action to prevent schedule delays. These delays can often be even more costly when they affect the power facility owner's ability to produce and sell power. Effectively managing these complicated business processes in an integrated environment throughout all phases of the project life cycle is vital. Learn more


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