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Intergraph and its SmartPlant® Enterprise integrated solutions support ISO 15926.

SmartPlant Foundation is the information management and integration component of SmartPlant Enterprise. The underlying SmartPlant Foundation data model has shared a common basis with ISO 15926 Part 2 since their joint origins in the 1990s.

  • SmartPlant Foundation therefore has proven implementation data structures, using Interfaces and Views that enable engineering business-friendly views and mappings of the highly generic object-relational schema. These mature implementations are directly equivalent to the latest ISO 15926 Part 7 Template methods, which apply at external interfaces, independent of actual internal product schemas.
  • As a result, Intergraph’s SmartPlant Enterprise interfaces are able to support compliance with ISO 15926 from the simplest 15926 Part 4 Reference Data Library exchange mappings to the most sophisticated managed interoperability capabilities conceived by ISO 15926.

Intergraph has been, and continues to be, an active contributor to the ISO 15926 industry standardization initiatives of POSC-Caesar and FIATECH since their inceptions.

  • Through the combined POSC-Caesar-IDS and FIATECH-ADI umbrella projects, Intergraph is leading those activities which are defining pragmatic ISO 15926 compliance levels and practical engineering business mapping methodologies.

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