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With Intergraph's solutions, pharmaceutical companies can gain dramatically better control over their valuable information asset needed to comply with federal regulations, bring new products to market quicker, and eliminate plant shutdowns. Proactively manage the critical information required to demonstrate regulatory compliance in operating the plant day-to-day, and save time and reduce costs throughout the plant life cycle.

3D Modeling & Visualization

Intergraph's plant design and visualization applications support conceptual plant design through detailed design and construction, into plant operations and maintenance. Some of the world's leading EPC companies involved in the design and construction of pharmaceutical plants, such as Jacobs and Project Management Group, as well as pharmaceutical companies such as Bayer and Eli Lilly, have chosen Intergraph plant design software for major pharmaceutical projects for the past two decades. Learn more


High-value pharmaceutical facilities require very strict standards, and Intergraph analysis solutions can help you design these facilities so they are safer and more reliable. CAESAR II® automates pipe stress analysis and design by using the latest global codes and standards, and has been proven in challenging applications and conditions where reliability of results is critical to maintaining safe and hygienic conditions. Intergraph PV Elite® automates the analysis and design of vessels and exchangers to ensure reliable design by adhering to strict industry codes and standards. These programs also allow you to evaluate existing facilities to maximize operations and facility life while identifying potential problems before they cause costly failures. Learn more

Engineering & Schematics

Pharmaceutical projects are executed in a fast-track mode, because as in many cases, the patent window is small and the investments are high. This forces owners to begin projects often quite early with the risks of changes. SmartPlant® Engineering & Schematics solutions offer fast-track, high-quality design and support of validation and compliance.

To fast-track projects, the plant is made up of pre-fabricated units that SmartPlant Engineering & Schematics can manage and integrate into a uniform design. During operations, the engineering tool needs to support data for FDA inspections, CFR 21 Part 11, and the ability to re-configure the plant and keep a history of the re-configuration for new production campaigns. Learn more

Information Management

A new product's plant must be brought to market rapidly to take advantage of limited product patent life. Defining, recording, and auditing the plant's ever-changing operating characteristics can be a challenge. Plus, analyzing and managing the impact of change must be performed in accordance with regulatory and process quality practices. All of this must be achieved in a global market where capital project delivery must not only be fast and efficient, but perfect. This is a significant Information management challenge that Intergraph has been leading with its customers from around the world. Learn more

Materials Management & Project Controls (Procurement, Fabrication, & Construction)

Surplus materials caused by ineffective materials management can result in the loss of millions of dollars on an average capital project. Without continuous management and project performance, it is difficult to take the appropriate corrective action to prevent schedule delays. Effectively managing these complicated business processes in an integrated environment throughout all phases of the project life cycle is vital. Learn more

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