Power Focus Group

Join Intergraph® Process, Power & Marine’s Power Focus Group and influence future industry and Intergraph software development. This international organization has four main goals:

  • Provide a structured forum for power thought leaders to focus on specific life cycle engineering and information management technology requirements that are unique to the power industry
  • Form a bridge for a united "power community" that speaks through a strong single voice of representation
  • Guide Intergraph in product direction and specific functionality that will benefit the entire power industry
  • Represent fairly and respect the diversity in geography, culture, regional governing regulations, and workflow requirements of companies engaged in power industry-related work.

The Power Focus Group is made up of several Topic Areas to meet your specific needs. Current Topic Areas include:

Topic Area

Relevant Products

Integrated Piping & Hanger System Design SmartPlant® 3D, Third-party analysis tools
Concrete Penetrations & Embedments SmartPlant 3D, Third-party modeling tools
Integrated Air Flow Diagram & SmartPlant 3D Ducting SmartPlant P&ID, SmartPlant 3D
Industrial Architecture SmartPlant 3D
Reference Plant All SmartPlant Enterprise tools
Validation & Verification (V&V) All SmartPlant Enterprise tools
Instrumentation/Electrical Schematics & Deliverables SmartPlant Instrumentation, SmartPlant Electrical, SmartPlant Foundation
Simulation Integration SmartPlant P&ID, SmartPlant Instrumentation, SmartPlant Layout, SmartPlant Foundation
Kraftwerk-Kennzeichen-System (KKS) All SmartPlant Enterprise tools

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