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SmartPlant® Construction

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Focus on the construction industry features SmartPlant Construction. Case studies spotlight Neste Oil, Sinclair Knight Merz, and United Group Resources.

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SmartPlant Construction

A major construction project involves thousands of workers, millions of details, and numerous complex variables, such as labor, materials, weather, and schedules. How can you manage billions of bits of data every day to complete the project on time and budget? How can you turn improved information management into increased field productivity?

The challenge for the construction industry is determining how to make informed decisions based on the most accurate information available and how to manage people and materials in a dynamic construction environment to advance the project in the safest and most efficient manner. view video

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The Solution: Dynamic Work Package Planning

Intergraph‘s SmartPlant® Construction meets the specific needs of construction companies, project management offices, fabricators, and owners in managing construction resources, materials, and schedules. The intuitive, configurable interfaces enable work package planners to create effective work packages using industry-proven work processes. Real-time material integration availability reports provide dynamic re-planning capabilities, and a configurable planning window enables planners to make economical modifications before problems grow.

4D Visualization

With the solution’s 4D technology, planners can sequence construction to optimize the project and visualize complex schedule information. SmartPlant Construction helps companies identify project-critical paths and re-sequence work packages to achieve project deadlines.

Open API: Integrate With Your Engineering Enterprise

SmartPlant Construction promotes better planning and management by incorporating the dynamic inputs from engineering, scheduling, procurement, fabrication, and materials management into a solution specifically developed for construction by industry-leading construction companies.

To enhance flexibility and interoperability, SmartPlant Construction offers full integration with the industry-leading SmartPlant Enterprise suite of products. Take advantage of data interfaces and true integration. The solution builds on the proven SmartPlant Enterprise portfolio by offering a wide variety of functionality provided by SmartPlant Enterprise solutions.

Business Benefits

  • Owner operators can improve CAPEX efficiency by consistently managing engineering information from concept planning, detailed engineering, procurement, and construction into operations and maintenance
  • Fabricators can provide direct input to facilitate real-world construction plans
  • Constructors can reduce project cost with improved visibility on project plans, accelerate their ability to re-plan dynamically in response to real-world changes, and take advantage of enhanced integration with engineering, procurement, and fabrication to optimize both engineering and construction decisions
  • Engineering firms can improve decision making based on “real time” construction status, and vice versa

Construction Progress Measurement

One of the most critical tasks in field construction is the ability to accurately measure and report actual construction status throughout a project. SmartPlant Construction provides a platform to precisely record field construction status based on configured rules of credit and report on this status. By using the 3D model, the progress in all stages of construction can be easily viewed. Reporting accuracy and speed are improved, giving an accurate picture of construction status.

Building On Proven Technology

Intergraph has the industry experience, the technology, and the integration expertise to address the specific needs of construction managers and facilitate smooth work processes with engineering and operations.

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