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When incidents occur, dispatchers must act fast. Whether it’s a crime, fire, medical emergency, or other critical incident, your dispatching software has to perform as well as you do. Intergraph®’s Incident Management solution meets the highest standards, providing call-takers and responders with the tools to make faster, smarter decisions.

With our computer-aided dispatch (CAD) system, you can quickly answer calls, create and update incident details, and manage multiple resources in real time. Our web-based software provides secure access to CAD, so users outside the control room or emergency operations center have critical information on hand at all times.

Interoperability and easy interface deployment are hallmarks of our products. SMS support allows PSAPs to include emergency text messages in the CAD workflow, and intelligent notifications enable reliable information-sharing on today’s popular devices. We support Microsoft® Bing and Google Maps for added flexibility in visualizing geospatial data. And of course, our technologies conform to NIEM standards for coordinated multi-agency response.

Our solution does all this and much more! Read on to learn why Intergraph is the choice of more than 2,500 agencies in 28 countries.


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Key Benefits


Computer-Aided Dispatch

  • Integrated Voice, Text, and Data – We help agencies transition to next-generation communications. Our add-on Intergraph Communications Controller integrates voice and text calls, providing complete call control and support for multimedia.
  • Combined Call Control and Incident Creation – Intergraph Communications Controller integrates call control and call-taker functions in a single environment, with common functions available from the CAD map.
  • Display of Incoming and Answered Calls – Our software gives you instant access to relevant spatial information to improve incident management. You can visualize voice and text calls on the CAD map – before they’re even answered – so you can begin call assessment earlier in the process.
  • Better Interoperability – Our flexible architecture, combined with our EdgeFrontier connectivity solution, ensures your ability to interact with different communications systems and support future data types and services.
  • Advanced Mobile Technologies – The latest mobile technologies give remote users access to live geospatial and supporting data on laptops, tablets, and smartphones, so they can make informed decisions in the field.
  • Person-level Tracking – The ability to track individual responders using mobile devices allows dispatchers to view each person’s location, permitting real-time risk assessment.


  • Support for SMS Texting – Incorporating emergency text messages in the CAD workflow supports next-generation communications.
  • Integrated Systems – Seamless integration of radio, digital radio, telephone, and mobile technologies with CAD reduces the chance of human error.
  • Integration with External Applications – Easy integration with other applications results in better workflows. For example, integrating CAD with your personnel database enables you to route calls to operators with specific skills, such as foreign languages.

Notifications and Interoperability

  • Intelligent Notifications – Automatic handling of intelligent notifications lets you share critical information on a variety of devices, streamlining operations and ensuring the safety of personnel.
  • Advanced Interoperability Platform – Easy integration of systems for notification and paging, video and alarm management, fire station alerting systems, records management systems, and any other system with an application programming interface (API), ensures fast and easy interface deployment.
  • Open Industry Standards – Uses industry-standard XML protocols for exchanging CAD incident information with third-party applications and CAD systems to support mutual aid requests.

Support for Fire Workflows

  • Faster Fire Response – Operational workflows tailored for fire agencies ensure quicker response and better outcomes.
  • Easy Configurability – Configurable system operates according to customer workflows and business practices. Out-of-the-box workflows use pre-set fire configurations based on industry best practices.
  • Business Rules – Workflows based on business rules support “if/then” scenarios, pre-set mutual aid agreements, standard recommendations for event type, and other predetermined situations.
  • Simple Data Exchange – Broad interoperability and easy configuration of CAD-to-CAD interfaces simplify the exchange of data among agencies, including the ability to send a call to a different department for response or action.
  • Mobile Interface Enhancements – Mobile technologies provide a larger screen to allow for gloves movement. System does not require sign-off/sign-on at shift change, saving time while maintaining on-duty records.
  • Efficient Routing – Locating the route to the closest hospital avoids unnecessary delays and saves lives.
  • Industry Standards – NIEM compliance supports mutual aid scenarios, and support for the Medicare requirements for EMS improves tracking and billing.
  • CAD Failover – If an alert is unsuccessful, the CAD failover workflow provides notification of failure, ensuring seamless communication of important information.

Customer References

United States and Canada:


  • VIDEO: British Transport Police, UK. As one of the many police forces helping secure the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London, England, the British Transport Police turned to ERDAS APOLLO and TITAN technology to store and distribute geospatial imagery and maps quickly and efficiently.
  • Customer Story (German Federal Police, Germany) - Intergraph technology has helped the German Federal Police coordinate countrywide activities, shorten response times, and carry out successful manhunts.
  • Case Study (Bouches Du Rhône Fire Brigade, France) - Intergraph technology enables the Bouches Du Rhône Fire Brigade to achieve faster emergency response times, while providing field communications and better resource management.


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