Achieve Enterprise Integration and Information Exchange

Reduce interface development time from weeks to hours

Integrated solutions are central to most organizations. You need devices and systems from multiple vendors to work together to drive operations.

But doing this can be time-consuming and costly. Awkward workflows and high IT costs can hijack resources you need for other things.

Intergraph's EdgeFrontier can help. It's a brand new way to do interoperability and integration, bringing a fresh approach to interface development.

Our built-in policy engine and live “data-watcher windows” simplify workflows compared to bulky enterprise message bus platforms. And EdgeFrontier replaces the need for custom coding, reducing risks and saving you money – now and in years to come.

Here's how we're different.

  • Interface development in minutes, hours, or days – instead of weeks or months
  • Comfortable, point-and-click graphical development environment
  • Dramatically reduced risks compared to custom-coded solutions
  • Flexible, version-independent platform for integration with other systems
  • Customizable, dynamic event-driven business rules
  • Trouble-free software and hardware upgrades and maintenance
  • Interface reuse for high return on investment
  • Scalable integration hub for your organization's future growth
  • Virtually unlimited uses across multiple industries

Interoperability that Works

Intergraph has helped public safety agencies around the world improve their overall emergency response performance through the implementation of multiagency coordination systems. Below are just a few examples of the cities and agencies we've helped with public safety interoperability:

  • Calgary, Alberta, Canada. To consolidate and upgrade the overall public safety interoperability of its fire, police, and EMS dispatch systems, Calgary Tri-Services switched to Intergraph software, which now helps manage the dispatch responsibilities for a population of more than one million.
  • Washington D.C., USA. The Unified Communications Center (UCC) supports special events by sharing resources, events, and road closures, using Intergraph's incident response management software. Metro police, fire departments, and emergency medical services agencies efficiently process and coordinate information for the combined 875,000 calls and dispatches received in the Washington, D.C. area each year.
  • Melbourne, Australia. With the public safety interoperability solutions available from Intergraph, the Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority in Australia provides coordinated emergency dispatch services to Victoria.
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