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Customer Stories From local governments to corporate giants, Intergraph's Canadian customers share the need to manage vast amounts of complex data in the most efficient, user-friendly way. To help you learn more about how Intergraph solutions have made a real difference to companies and governments across Canada, access a selection of Canadian success stories. Or, you can read more customer stories from around the world on the global Intergraph site.

User groups abound across Intergraph's Security, Government and Infrastructure industries. Visit the global Intergraph site to learn more about what's available to assist you in growing your experience with Intergraph solutions. Please note, this link will navigate you away from the Canadian site.

Learn more about our worldwide partners that collaborate with us in providing customer-driven solutions, including companies such as Microsoft and Oracle.

Utilities and communications companies are eligible for special Intergraph awards when they acheive full conversion of their network to a digital geofacility model, or when they acheive "live" operation of their outage or mobile workforce management system.
View winners of the 100% Club and the Cutover Club.

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