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At Intergraph, we realize that the future of our organization and that of education are intertwined inexorably, and that through working together, we can build a more solid foundation for advancing the role of spatial information management. We are allied with leading academic organizations in the GIS field to bring you the best and most current research to benefit your educational program. If you have questions about any of our programs, or for more information, contact us at

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Registered Research Laboratory

The Intergraph Registered Research Laboratory (RRL) Program is available worldwide for qualified universities, laboratories, and institutions of higher education. This program provides students, educators, and researchers with the leading-edge technology and development support needed for applied research activities. With Intergraph, researchers have the freedom to explore new possibilities and the power to make an impact within their industry. Click for more information and to apply.

Educational Grants

Intergraph has developed a number of programs dedicated to fostering the use of spatial technology in higher education. These academic teaching initiatives offer support through education grants that include software, training, and maintenance support and software upgrades. Click for more information and to apply.

Online Teaching Resources

Intergraph's Education Academy has been designed as a one-stop source for educators to access all the tools needed to implement Intergraph technology in research activities and course curriculum. Students will also find many of the resources useful in learning to use spatial information management tools to gain career skills. Click to access materials.


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