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Webcast Title Description Industry
Accessing Intergraph's Customer Support Resources View our instructional video on the Siebel eService CRM system, the support Web site, and User Community forums. Topics include how to: submit and view Service Requests, generate Service Request reports, submit incident-based Satisfaction Surveys, query Change Requests, access and submit articles to the Knowledge Base, subscribe to the e-mail service list to receive automated notifications whenever updates are posted to the support Web site, join the various User Community forums, and more! All
Intergraph's SDI Application Learn how the Dutch Kadaster benefits from SDI solutions from Intergraph. Government
Achieving Operational Interoperability Through Emerging Standards The Interoperability Framework enables public safety and security agencies to transfer CAD information using industry-standard formats, allowing for easy multi-point exchange of information across software applications.
Public Safety
Easy Access to Real-time Information for Command Staff with Business Intelligence for Public Safety Learn how our Business Intelligence application arms command staff with full situational awareness, giving you accurate current and historical information to improve decision-making. Public Safety
Managing Communications Center Performance with Business Intelligence for Public Safety Find out how Business Intelligence enables communications center managers to access information with pre-defined tools to help effectively manage resources, justify spending, and plan for the future of your agency. Public Safety
Improve Agency Performance with Self-Service Access to Resource and Activity Information with Business Intelligence for Public Safety Learn how operations supervisors can use Business Intelligence to apply situational knowledge to increase public confidence and enhance public relations. Public Safety
Analyze Incidents with Business Intelligence for Public Safety Discover how Business Intelligence helps detectives, investigators, and crime analysts easily research and query information, solving crimes faster without the need to call on specialized IT professionals Public Safety
Urgent Communications Steve Marz, vice president of Intergraph Public Safety, discusses how CAD technology helps overcome the challenges facing 9-1-1 call centers. Public Safety
SmartGrid Operations Command and Control Center Prompt power restoration following a storm or other type of outage is the hallmark of utility customer service. Intergraph’s InService outage management software help utility personnel, both dispatchers and field crews, quickly identify the cause of an outage and efficiently assign and coordinate the necessary resources to restore power or other services as quickly as possible. Learn more! Utilities

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