Quality Policy

"Every employee is committed to implementing quality processes to identify and meet customer expectations and ensure mutual profitability. Quality plans with measured quality objectives ensure continual improvement of processes and products."

Halsey Wise,
Chief Executive Officer
Intergraph Corporation

ISO Certification


The Design, Development and Support of Products and Services from SG & I: Geospatial  Intelligence Solutions, Mapping and GIS Products, EarthImaging, Utilities, Integrated Products Division, Logistics Information Technology and Maintenance Integration Solutions  and  Systems, Networks and Security; and PPM: Enterprise Engineering Solutions and Global Services and Certification. Includes the Development of Software in Accordance with TickIT (Issue 5).

Intergraph continuously improves its products, services, and environment to better satisfy customers, shareholders, and employees. We employ our quality management systems, the basis of which are the ISO 9000 standards, to measure and analyze trends in product quality and provide positive feedback internally on process effectiveness.

ISO9001 ISO9001Intergraph currently holds several ISO 9000 registrations, and may seek further registrations as business conditions warrant.

Intergraph Sites Quality Registration Information

Organization Standard Registrar Registered
Intergraph Australia AS3563, AS3901 Standards of Australia 5/94-Present
Intergraph Corporation, Huntsville 9001/TickIT LRQA 2/97-Present
Intergraph UK Swindon 9001/TickIT LRQA 8/93-Present
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