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Transit agencies, airports, and seaports across Canada use Intergraph solutions to secure, manage, and maintain their intelligent transportation networks. From visualizing roadway assets and congestion to helping to simplify monitoring and speed response to security-related issues, our solutions provide you with the awareness you need to keep systems efficient, reliable, and safe.

Intergraph's Automated Routing for Oversize/Overweight (OS/OW) Vehicles application integrates information pertaining to bridges, construction projects, turn movements, roadway characteristics and temporary restrictions - such as lane closure - with the network to safely and accurately route vehicles through the highway system. Our Multilevel Linear Referencing System (MLRS) application provides everything you need to build, maintain, and analyze a multilevel, temporal linear referencing system for representing road networks.

I/Incident Analyst is designed to analyze incident location data to help determine why incidents occur. Since most incidents have a positional quality, I/Incident Analyst can use this information to spot trends in frequency based on geography. The resultant analysis allows decision-makers to ensure resources are effectively deployed by targeting areas based on spatial patterns and tactical analysis. The ability to view the distribution of incidents across geography is extremely valuable to Department of Transportation analysts. I/Incident Analyst helps analysts pinpoint high-traffic areas, manage congested intersections/road segments, and monitor trooper vehicles.

GeoMedia Smart Client is the latest addition to the Intergraph GeoMedia product suite, a set of well-integrated applications that give you a wide range of geospatial processing capabilities.  GeoMedia Smart Client provides an enterprise geospatial platform engineered to support large numbers of users who are unable to operate full desktop products, but whose workflows need advanced geospatial functionality that cannot be supported by Web mapping tools.

  • Airport and Transit Security   Airports and transit systems have all experienced terrorist attacks and natural disasters that endanger lives and disrupt operations. Intergraph integrates physical security information management (PSIM) with our industry-leading CAD software, giving you a PSIM+ solution for end-to-end security. We empower you to detect, assess, and respond quickly and effectively to incidents of any magnitude.
  • Airport/Seaport Infrastructure Management   Airports and seaports are responsible for managing water, wastewater, stormwater, and transportation systems. Intergraph’s infrastructure management solution provides tools to build and maintain digital infrastructure models for water, wastewater, storm water, and transportation systems. The solution lets you build and manage infrastructure models, analyze the working conditions of current infrastructure, and plan for infrastructure improvements as demands change.
  • GIS Mapping and Cartographic Production   Intergraph’s mapping and cartographic production solution allows you to collect, manage, and produce cartographic products. Our solution includes geospatial tools to collect data, manage the data, and produce geospatial mapping products. Mapping departments use the mapping data to build and maintain a landscape model database and a cartographic model database. Our solution can be used to produce digital and hardcopy products at varying scales from your geospatial databases.
  • Land Information Management   Intergraph’s solution for land information management for transportation organizations supports real estate, environmental protection, and planning workflows. It allows owners of real estate to better manage their land holdings and submit updates to government agencies.
  • Public Information Services   Intergraph’s Public Information Services solution allows government organizations, businesses, and public citizens to access and purchase government information and request services.
  • Rail Infrastructure Management   Collect, maintain, and analyze rail assets, and create a central Intergraph-powered platform upon which you can plan, operate, and maintain your transportation network.
  • Road Infrastructure Management   Collect, maintain, and analyze road assets, and create a central Intergraph-powered platform upon which you can plan, operate, and maintain your transportation network.
  • Transportation Security   Secure vulnerable areas, detect and assess threats, and respond quickly to all types of security incidents.
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