Road Infrastructure Management

Our infrastructure management solutions help you collect, maintain, and analyze roadway assets, delivering a central platform upon which you can plan, operate, and maintain your transportation network. With Intergraph, you can track asset geospatial location, network and map graphic representations, build and manage infrastructure models, analyze current working conditions of the infrastructure, plan infrastructure improvements, and plan future growth.

Our solutions also enable you to track and monitor the location, condition, and other important information about roadway assets (bridges, pavement, guardrails, signals, and more). Combine roadway asset data with traffic statistics, crash data, maintenance costs, and other vital details, empowering your agency to make key management decisions about work priorities and budget allocations.

Further expand the power of your Intergraph system with our Automated Routing for Oversized/Overweight (OS/OW) Vehicles application, and integrate information about construction projects, turn movements, roadway characteristics and temporary restrictions in order to safely and accurately route vehicles through the highway system and ease permitting hassles. You can also layer on our Multilevel Linear Referencing System (MLRS) application in order to build, maintain, and analyze a multilevel, temporal linear referencing system for representing road networks.

To extend the sharing capabilities of your geospatial data, plug in Intergraph’s Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) application - a technology framework that allows your agency to collaborate and distribute geospatially related data with other departments, regions, and private organizations.

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Key Benefits

  • Operator Productivity - Increase operator productivity with specific tools for transportation infrastructure management.
  • IT Standards - Use IT standards for data management, including Oracle spatial data structures and long-term transaction technology.
  • Lower Deployment Costs - Experience lower deployment costs with Intergraph solutions using pre-configured data models and user interfaces.
  • Best-of-class Geospatial Platform - Leverage our best-of-class capabilities with our open, scalable geospatial platform for government solutions. This includes support for industry standards such as Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC®), spatial data infrastructure (SDI) initiatives, and the INSPIRE directive.
  • Best-in-the-industry Linear Referencing - Build, maintain, and analyze multilevel, temporal linear referencing systems and perform sophisticated routing analysis.
  • Integration with Popular Mapping Browsers - Extend your enterprise data and geospatial capabilities with today’s leading map browsers – Google Maps and Microsoft® Bing Maps. Visualize and access your data through our easy-to-use, map- and Web-based interface.
  • Image Management - Manage and exploit data imagery data across all government solutions with our scalable enterprise solution
  • Government Collaboration and Public Distribution – Share geospatial data and services to improve cooperation across departments, with other governments, and with businesses. Distribute government information to the public to improve e-government services.
  • Legal Compliance - Web-based tools for distributing data and Web services follow OGC and ISO Web standards to ensure legal compliance.
  • Map based Web Interfaces - Easily visualize and access your data through our easy-to-use, map- and Web-based interface.
  • Business Data Integration – Integrate your business data into a single geospatially enabled warehouse, which can include information on pavement conditions, maintenance, bridges, traffic statistics, safety, and more.
  • Oversized/Overweight Routing – Create safe oversized/overweight (OS/OW) routing for vehicles moving through your jurisdiction, while balancing the safety needs of the motoring public, protecting the transportation infrastructure, and meeting the expectations of the commercial trucking industry.
  • Accountability and Performance Reporting – Easily generate accountability and performance data for provincial or federal reporting requirements.

Customer References

  • Nevada DOT, USA - Intergraph's Roadway Information Management Solution helps agency manage, maintain state's entire public road network.
  • Nevada DOT, USA - Intergraph solutions help Nevada DOT perform highway crash identification and analysis.
  • Tennesee DOT, USA - Intergraph's Roadway Information Management Solution ensures all TDOT users have easy access to up-to-date information.

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