Cut Your Carbon Emissions With Better Geodata Management

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It’s not just your choice of hardware that determines your energy consumption. Your software’s efficiency also affects your carbon footprint!

Harnessing the power of Hexagon’s patented ECW (Enhanced Compressed Wavelet) data compression, we can dramatically reduce the hardware resources and power used processing, storing, managing, and serving large imagery data sets.

We cut the amount of physical hardware required – disk storage, processing, back-up and recovery – and the power consumed operating and cooling servers. We also reduce data transfer volumes and client processing overheads.

The best image management and delivery platform is also the greenest!


Green IT addresses ...

The majority of power consumed by information and communications technology (ICT) comes from applications hosted in data centers. For example, in 2008 the figure for Germany stood at around 10 terawatt hours, or roughly 2% of the nation’s total power consumption at that time. Since then, energy density and cooling demands have grown at 10 percent a year and are set to accelerate dramatically with rapid expansion in cloud applications.

Reinhard Ploss, CEO of chip manufacturer Infineon AG, brought the issue into focus, noting the CO2 emissions of server farms exceeds those of all global airlines.

The study "An Inefficient Truth" of the British environmental organisation Global Action Plan concludes: Computers, including server farms, are just as harmful to the atmosphere as SUVs (sport utility vehicles). Moreover, computers, with more than a billion worldwide, produce about two percent of global carbon dioxide emissions. *)

Fujitsu has determined that, over its five-year operational life, a modern server has a CO2 footprint of 3,800 kg, the equivalent of a family car driving 24,000 km (assuming emissions of 160 g CO2 per kilometre).

Emission Reductions Are Everybody’s Responsibility

Many countries now oblige large companies and government agencies to minimize their carbon balance – or companies have themselves volunteered to implement appropriate initiatives – and this applies equally to ICT.

Effective Change Demands Intelligent Solutions

Hexagon’s Green IT approach aims to offer geospatial software that improves efficiency while simultaneously reducing CO2 emissions. Solutions that deliver massive reductions in geo-data volume, and hence demand for storage and management resources, through smart data compression and minimize network loads using efficient data cataloguing and innovative, ultra-fast, data transfer technology. Our Green GIS approach demonstrably reduces costs, improving profitability and the carbon balance.

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*) Computers/servers naturally do not display direct carbon emissions as vehicles or aircrafts do; however, an equivalent quantity of emitted, climate-active carbon dioxide, known as the carbon footprint (also: CO2 footprint) can be determined..