2009 News Coverage

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December 2009

  • Media Coverage: Saving Times, Saving Lives
    (BAPCO Journal)
    This article details the role Intergraph’s incident response management solution plays in South Central Ambulance Service’s (SCAS’) Emergency Operations Center (EOC) control rooms. The article also highlights the technology’s measurable impact on operations and response times.

November 2009

  • Media Coverage: 2009 Hot Products
    (Public Safety Communications)
    Intergraph’s Interoperability Framework was selected as one of the top new products of the year introduced at the Association of Public Safety Communications Officials (APCO) International annual conference in Las Vegas in August. The 2009 Hot Products were chosen by representatives from APCO’s Editorial Advisory Committee and staff.
  • Media Coverage: Intergraph’s vision for SDI (Spatial Data Infrastructure)
    (GeoConnexion UK)
    In this two-page article, Ralph Diment describes his view of SDI and describes the development of Intergraph’s SDI strategy from its earliest days in 1994 to current challenges of true SDI implementations to achieve collaborative workflows and data interaction on a foundation of open spatial services.
  • Media Coverage: Smart Technology for a Smart Utility
    (Electric Energy T&D)
    Feature article on Enersource’s use of Intergraph technology to build its smart grid, increase efficiency and deliver more reliable power.
  • Media Coverage: Construction Takes Center Stage
    This article focuses on two recent product announcements by Intergraph and Autodesk regarding construction software - Intergraph’s SmartPlant Construction and Autodesk’s Constructware 2010 project management software.

October 2009

  • Media Coverage: Full Speed Ahead for Full Motion Video
    (Geospatial Intelligence Forum)
    Intergraph Defense & Intelligence Industry Manager Leah Wood weighs in on the importance of fusing full motion video with other intelligence data to for increased situational awareness and actionable intelligence.
  • Media Coverage: Video Solution Provides Unprecedented Situational Awareness
    (GEOINT Symposium Show Daily)
    The GEOINT Symposium Show Daily detailed Intergraph’s motion video solution, which fuses video data, including data from unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), with satellite imagery and geo-intelligence, delivering an exceptional level of actionable intelligence in real time.
  • Media Coverage: Oncor Focuses on End-to-End Information Flows
    (Transmission & Distribution World)
    Case study discussing how Oncor worked with Intergraph and Siemens to create an integrated DMS to power its smart grid.
  • Media Coverage: Geospatial Technology for Electric Utilities
    (GeoConnexion International)
    This two-page article by Maximilian Weber, U&C Manager at Intergraph, is based on an Intergraph case study and discusses how geospatial technology helped Transelectrica SA, in Romania, maximizing their return on investment.
  • Media Coverage: Taming the RMS Monster
    (Law Enforcement Technology)
    Intergraph Vice President of Public Safety Steve Marz discusses trends in records management. Shirl Butler, technology services administrator for the Mesa, Az. police department also provides commentary about his agency's use of Intergraph's RMS technology.

September 2009

July 2009

June 2009

  • Media Coverage: Intergraph Solutions and Integration of Diverse Geospatial Data
    One-page article based on HUMBOLDT customer story. The four-year EU HUMBOLDT project contributes to the implementation of an ESDI that integrates the diversity of spatial data available for a multitude of European organizations. Aim of this project is to manage and advance the implementation process of this ESDI. Intergraph is now engaged in the HUMBOLDT research project to explore advanced solutions and define operational processes in applying SDI.
  • Media Coverage: ESRI, Bentley and Intergraph on Today’s GIS Industry
    Four-page article in which ESRI, Bentley and Intergraph specialists discuss their views on the challenges that face the GIS industry, and also the solutions.
  • Media Coverage: Geospatial Technology Serving the Public
    (GeoConnexion International)
    One-page article discussing a new GIS solution that is supporting the Integrated Administration and Control System’s (IACS) efforts to improve rural economic and social conditions in Bulgaria, serving Bulgarian farmers in several ways
  • Media Coverage: Industry Interview (John Graham, president, Intergraph SG&I)
    (Geospatial Intelligence Forum)
    Intergraph Security, Government & Infrastructure President John G. Graham provides an overview of Intergraph’s new Motion Video Exploitation solution, which leverages motion video resources, giving analysts the unprecedented ability to collect, extract, and maximize video assets.

May 2009

  • Media Coverage: World Review
    (Hydrocarbon Engineering)
    The World Review is more than 35 pages in total and summarizes the significant news in 2008 for Asia & Pacific, Africa, Europe, Latin America, Middle East and North America. Intergraph is mentioned with its wins about Tecnicas Reunidas, Nynas, and SABIC in the sections Europe and Middle East.
  • Media Coverage: A Commanding View
    (BAPCO Journal)
    This article details Intergraph’s role in large scale event security, including the inauguration of United States President Barack Obama, the 2008 European Football Championship in Zurich, Switzerland, and the 2007 Pan American Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
  • Media Coverage: Protecting Water Resources with Geospatial Data
    (WaterWorld – Water Utility Management)
    Intergraph’s Tony DiMarco describes how effective asset management can improve operations for water utilities.
  • Media Coverage: 9-1-1 Call Centers and CAD technology
    (Urgent Communications)
    Steve Marz, vice president of Intergraph Public Safety, discusses the challenges facing 9-1-1 call centers and how CAD technology plays a vital role in streamlining response.
  • Media Coverage: Bridging the Gap Between Office & Field
    (Utility Automation & Engineering T&D)
    Brimmer Sherman of Intergraph explains how mobile applications can streamline utility operations and cut costs.

April 2009

  • Media Coverage: Using AMI for Outage Notification at PECO (Utilities & Communications)
    (Utility Automation & Engineering T&D)
    Article describes how PECO tied its automated metering infrastructure (AMI) with its Intergraph outage management system (OMS) for increased operational efficiency, better reliability and higher customer satisfaction.
  • Media Coverage: Intergraph Contributes to Effective Emergency Response at Obama Presidential Inauguration (Public Safety)
    (Emergency Number Professional)
    Washington, D.C.’s Office of Unified Communications played a vital role in ensuring the safety and security of all who attended the inauguration of President Barack Obama. Through the use of Intergraph’s public safety incident management and reporting solutions, call takers and emergency response personnel successfully managed a record volume of nearly 10,000 calls.
  • Media Coverage: A Watchful Eye
    (Urgent Communications)
    Public safety and emergency response professionals used a variety of technologies to ensure safety and security at the inauguration of Barack Obama. This article details the role of Intergraph’s public safety technologies in helping personnel at the Office of Unified Communications (OUC) in Washington, D.C. to successfully process the record influx of 9-1-1 calls associated with the inaugural festivities.
  • Media Coverage: The iRing Project
    Bechtel's Robin Benjamin explains how FIATECH's iRing project leverages a common, standards-based library for cross-platform data exchange. SmartPlant Foundation played a prominent role in this featured demonstration marking a step toward the intended vision of ISO 15926.
  • Media Coverage: Securing the 2012 Olympics
    (GIS Professional)
    Intergraph technologies have played a key role in promoting safety and security at large-scale events around the world. This article explores these implementations and how these technologies could be used to secure the 2012 Olympiccs in London.
  • Media Coverage: Companies Leverage Data to be Above Competition
    (Bulk Solids Handling)
    Taylor Cole, vice president Global Metals and Mining, describes how companies that create, maintain and manage engineering information related to materials handling systems lifecycles can leverage this data as a strategic asset to position themselves above their competition.
  • Media Coverage: Restore Your 9-1-1 Budget
    (MissionCritical Communications)
    This article details four funding solutions for public safety agencies seeking to upgrade their systems. It was written by authors from the 9-1-1 Industry Alliance and Intergraph.

March 2009

February 2009

  • Media Coverage: Working in Harmony
    (Hydrocarbon Engineering)
    Article describing how De Smet S.A Engineers & Contractors, Belgium, helped to provide an alternative fuels solution.
  • Media Coverage: Cobb EMC Improves Response
    (Transmission & Distribution World)
    The cover of Transmission & Distribution World’s February issue features a case study on Cobb EMC, detailing how the utility improved response and streamlined operations with Intergraph infrastructure, outage and mobile workforce management technology.
  • Media Coverage: 10 Things Utilities Should Consider When Selecting GIS
    (Electric Light & Power)
    Intergraph director of Utilities & Communications, Tony DiMarco, discusses the top 10 elements a utility should consider when selecting GIS technology.

January 2009

  • Media Coverage: >_Software Solutions
    (Hydrocarbon Engineering)
    Article describing solutions that companies like Nynas AB and Sinopec Engineering employ to increase data quality and improve project workflows.
  • Media coverage: Improving the Usability for Web Mapping Services
    In the January/February 2009 issue, the Czech Land Survey Office explains how a web portal built on Intergraph’s GeoMedia technology enables the organization to seamlessly share mapping and geographic data with other government agencies, private businesses and the public. (pg. 23)
  • Media coverage: Security Utility Assets
    (Electric Energy T&D)
    The January/February 2009 issue features commentary from Intergraph surrounding the issue of security for utilities providers. (pg. 37)
  • Making Games Secure
    In preparation for the 2012 London Olympics, GeoConnexion profiles the City of Zurich’s use of Intergraph public safety technology at a similar event, the EURO 2008, in the publication’s GEOlympics series.

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