Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection

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Protecting military and civilian assets is essential to fighting terrorism. Our geospatially powered anti-terrorism/force protection solution helps you track threats, distribute information, and dispatch resources to manage security incidents to resolution. By integrating third-party intrusion detection systems - such as radar, sensors, alarms, access systems, and video - with Intergraph's geospatial intelligence products and commercial-off-the shelf command and control software, we improve situational awareness. Our common operating picture lets you not only detect and assess threats, but also gives you the power to respond.

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Key Benefits

  • Proven Public Safety Solution - At the core of Intergraph’s security solution is our proven and deployed law enforcement-based CAD system that supports interoperability among local, state, and national systems, allowing for a coordinated and effective response to both security threats and public safety incidents.
  • Force Multiplier - Our solution provides a common operating picture, enabling decision support that focuses limited resources on confirmed threats.
  • Coordinated Response - We help you integrate independent physical security devices with an incident command system for multi-agency, multi-jurisdictional cooperation and interoperability with other agencies.
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Customer References

  • U.S. Marine Corps/Camp Lejeune - Our Consolidated Emergency Response System centralizes security command and control, allowing security personnel to detect, prevent, and respond to incidents
  • U.S.Navy/Naval District Washington - The Naval District Washington uses our system to consolidate 19 dispatch centers into one and enhance the Admiral’s security operations.
  • Los Alamos National Laboratory
  • U.S. Army/Aberdeen Proving Grounds
  • U.S. Army/Fort Benning
  • U.S. Army/Fort Stewart
  • NASA/Johnson Space Center
  • U.S. Army/Fort Gordon

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