Geospatial Intelligence Exploitation

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The need to collect and analyze geospatial data - such as high-resolution imagery, UAV video, and GPS-tracked objects - and transform it into actionable intelligence has never been more important. Our geospatial intelligence exploitation suite provides robust tools for organizing, pre-processing, managing, and integrating geospatial data for advanced image exploitation and geospatial intelligence fusion. Intergraph's solution allows you to dynamically combine large amounts of data in a responsive, easy-to-use environment for swift, informed decision making.

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Key Benefits

  • Fused Intelligence for Informed Decisions - Rapidly fuses data from various sources to perform sophisticated analysis and present actionable intelligence
  • Time Savings - Shortens data search with robust geospatial information management and automated ingest, so you can spend more time performing analysis
  • Advanced Analysis - Collections of powerful spatial queries and visualizations enable analysts to identify trends and make high-confidence decisions
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Customer References

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