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Intergraph has proven our excellence in providing and maintaining highly complex systems and software integration for land, sea, and air platforms. Intergraph designs, manufactures, and integrates rugged commercial off-the-shelf (COTS)-based products, ranging from computer consoles and displays to workstations and cameras, that are able to withstand harsh environments to meet specific customer requirements and military, industrial, and commercial specifications, including MIL-SPEC, MIL-STD, and UL. Since entering the rugged hardware market in 1995, we have become a leading provider of rugged workstations, displays, and equipment automation for the U.S. Navy. More than 1,700 Intergraph TD-R® workstations, consoles, and enclosed displays are currently installed on more than 100 Navy vessels.

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Key Benefits

  • Withstands the harshest environments, extending the life and availability of critical systems
  • Offers rugged hardware solutions that enable you to complete job- or mission-critical tasks in harsh environments
  • Helps you define and install the most efficient systems for your needs, test equipment against environmental standards, ensure system performance and reliability, and provide support throughout the systems’ life cycle
  • Employs ISO9001-certified processes to ensure quality


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Customer References

  • U.S. Navy - The Navy partnered with Intergraph to implement a Microsoft Windows-based client/server environment to support maintenance, configuration management, and logistics functions. The system includes commercial and government off-the-shelf hardware, database applications, and software to integrate and update technical data. This worldwide information system gives personnel access to technical manuals, parts lists, specifications, 2D/3D drawings, repair histories, flight data, and automated data files for all Navy aircraft, destroyers, and Marine Corps mill vans. The system includes three tiers of hardware and software. The foundational user tier provides squadron-level access to technical data and applications to support maintenance and help document flight data downloaded from aircraft. The mid-tier includes strategically placed servers that temporarily store and forward baseline data. The top tier, which includes two regional servers, houses a depot database that stores original copies of technical data and necessary maintenance records for helicopters and aircraft.
  • Department of Defense - Ground stations provide key military personnel and other decision-makers with real-time data directly from the field. Intergraph manufactures and implements various ground station systems for the U.S. military that process, display, and disseminate data from multiple sensors and systems, providing situational awareness and real-time surveillance.
  • U.S. Navy - Since entering the ruggedized hardware market in 1995 to support the Smart Ship initiative, Intergraph has become a leading provider of rugged shipboard workstations and enclosed displays in the Navy. More than 1,700 Intergraph rugged workstations, consoles, or enclosed displays are currently installed on more than 100 Navy vessels.
  • U.S. Navy - Intergraph helped modernize the U.S. Navy fleet through an intelligent, self-managed shipboard video system. The all-digital video system allows users to easily define complex alarm conditions, as well as automatically monitor and record them. Composed largely of COTS components that make it easier to maintain and operate, the shipboard video system greatly improves the state of readiness while maintaining a ship’s operational state with minimum personnel.


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