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Intergraph provides IT System Support and other sustainment activities to ensure your hardware and software systems remain operational. By providing IT services for today’s business and technology challenges, we help organizations directly link IT to the objectives of their business, maximizing their return on technology investments.  We serve as a one-stop shop for all your IT needs with expert field support services for hardware and software staging, configuration, and deployment, always adhering to appropriate standards and requirements.

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Key Benefits

  • Implements best practices for customer service, incident response, knowledge management, reporting, support process optimization, and personnel development
  • Helps extend the life of older equipment whose service life has extended past the manufacturer’s end of support
  • Gives you the convenience of remote monitoring for hardware maintenance dispatch, ticket logging and escalation with telecommunications providers, network device configuration restoration, and ticket status
  • Enables rapid configuration and deployment of IT assets to a geographically dispersed user community
  • Provides depot maintenance for clients who do not need on-site technicians


To view products related to a particular Intergraph application, click the application name. To read details about an Intergraph product, click on the product name and its description will appear to the right.

Customer References

  • Pennsylvania Department of Transportation - Intergraph Corporation signed a five-year, $4.9 million contract with the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation Bureau of Design to provide information technology support services.
  • U.S. Air Force/Accounting and Finance Office (AFAFAO) - Through the Air Force Accounting and Finance Office (AFAFO), the Air Force financial management (FM) community worked diligently to improve self-inspection procedures using a process-based knowledge application system developed by Intergraph Corporation.
  • HCR HealthCare LLC- HCR HealthCare is the leading operator of long-term care centers in the United States.  Intergraph provides a range of complementary services including maintenance dispatch, equipment deployment and retirement, new facility activation, server and backup monitoring, and network management, are all tied together through the Intergraph Solutions Center, Intergraph’s help desk team. In addition, the Help Desk Institute Certified Solutions Center proactively monitors the health of the network and servers supporting the end users, identifying and resolving issues before they impact end user support. End users contact the help desk through a dedicated 1-800 number or Web portal that generates work tickets and provides self-help information. Intergraph’s incident tracking system is fully integrated with HCR HealthCare’s incident tracking system, so Intergraph and HCR HealthCare can work from a common database of support incidents and still use the incident tracking system with which each organization is most familiar.
  • Department of Defense - The Intergraph Help Desk team, which consists of 35 analysts certified by the Help Desk Institute, supports the JTDI deployed sites with active monitoring of system performance each night, as well as responds to user requests for information and problem resolution. The team ensures the availability of maintenance data updates essential to the mechanics and ultimately, the armed forces warfighting capability. The Help Desk receives trouble calls for both hardware and software and coordinates support with product vendors to provide a single point of support for the end user. This focused, consolidated support enabled the Help Desk call center to reduce the average first call response time by 10 hours and reduced average problem resolution time by more than 12 hours, even with aircraft carriers half a world away. Through proactive system monitoring, Intergraph is able to discover failures before on-site personnel are aware of the issue and begin recovery steps immediately, reducing the time required for on-site staff to manage the system.


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