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Keeping people and goods from entering a country illegally is a challenge. Intergraph’s border security solution offers complete intelligence and situational awareness — with the power to respond. Intergraph’s border security solution combines vast amount of data from different security systems into one common operating picture to detect border threats. Intergraph’s proven command-and-control system serves as the foundation for our border security solution that enables agents to respond and resolve border problems. Linking detection technology with a common operating picture, as well as a command-and-control system, provides the tools needed to gain control of air, land, and sea borders.

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Key Benefits

  • Proven Solution - At the core of Intergraph’s security solution is our proven and deployed law enforcement-based Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system that supports interoperability among local, state, and national systems, allowing for a coordinated and effective response to both security threats and public safety incidents.
  • Effective Coordination - By providing a common operating picture, potentially across agencies, our Border Security solution acts as a force multiplier, providing a decision-support system that allows you to reduce false positives and focus limited resources on identified threats.
  • Interoperability of Systems - Our solution fuses vast amounts of complex data from differing devices and systems into one easy-to-understand, common operating picture. We provide an end- to-end solution that allows you to detect, assess, and respond to incidents swiftly and effectively.
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Customer References

Due to the sensitive nature of our customers and their programs, we cannot list their names. Please contact an Intergraph representative for further information.

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