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Intergraph’s Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) application gives you the ability to collaborate and distribute geospatially related data. The investment in SDI technology will significantly benefit government and public missions at the local/regional/central levels of government, in addition to delivering valuable information to the private sector. Our SDI application provides you with the technology framework you need for cost-effective and efficient communication involving geospatially related information. Intergraph's new GeoMedia SDI Portal provides simple, interactive, and flexible access to geospatial data via Web services. Visit our Customer Gallery.

InspireIntergraph is a world leader in interoperable SDI technologies based on industry standards, which include the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC), Infrastructure for Spatial Information in Europe (INSPIRE), and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Sharing geospatial data is enforced by law in some regions of the world (such as the INSPIRE directive by EU). In addition, there is also a strong demand for a standard global spatial data infrastructure from a business perspective.

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Key Benefits

  • Data Harmonization – Our SDI technology harmonizes and secures geospatial data exchange within the enterprise and among governments, businesses, and the public for improved collaboration and productivity, ease of maintenance, and administration.
  • Legal Compliance – Our applications follow industry standards, including the INSPIRE directive, OGC, and ISO, and helps you comply with government mandates.
  • Operator Productivity – We go beyond helping organizations meet government mandates as our SDI applications enable portal management, security compliance, application services, and other key functions, so you can truly maximize the value of the technology.
  • Public Distribution – Our SDI application introduces a platform for innovative, integrated, and intelligent operations to improve collaboration and public distribution involving geospatial information within the geospatial economic environment. Intergraph SDI technology links the geospatial and non-geospatial worlds together while reducing cost and increasing responsiveness in any enterprise.
  • Open Architecture – With our open architecture, you have an optimal solution for sharing a wide variety of geospatial data.
  • Best-of-class Geospatial Platform – Our core GIS platform, GeoMedia®, embraces open standards and a service-oriented architecture (SOA), and works with the best bred of industry software like Microsoft®, Oracle, and many others.
  • Intergraph Leadership – We have participated in many government-funded SDI initiatives, including GIS4EU, Humboldt, and eSDINet+, further demonstrating a deep understanding of spatial data infrastructure and a commitment to helping you with your SDI effort.
  • GeoMedia / GeoMedia Professional  – GeoMedia consolidates data from disparate databases into a single GIS environment for viewing, analysis, and presentation with no data translation required. GeoMedia is uniquely suited to perform “what-if” analysis because it can string together multiple operations in an analysis pipeline, and changing any of the data along the pipeline automatically updates the results. GeoMedia Professional supplies all the functionality of GeoMedia and adds smart tools to capture and edit spatial data.
  • GeoMedia WebMap / WebMap Professional –  Provides Intergraph's GeoMedia geospatial technology in a fully scalable server solution. This solution may be deployed as Web services or interactive Web sites (thin-client solutions), including enterprise data access, sophisticated geospatial analysis, and map generation, thus reducing the overall cost of these solutions.
  • GeoMedia SDI Pro – Offers a set of highly valuable Web services that extend beyond GeoMedia WebMap/WebMap Professional for SDI implementations.  These services include user event logging, performance measurement, and Web portal content logging. The SDI Pro extension package offers additional functionality and some monitoring capabilities.
  • GeoMedia SDI Portal – Empowers existing browser applications for SDI technology. SDI Portal offers a set of connectors, or handles, which can enhance the functionality of thin clients, as well as smart clients.
  • GeoMedia Fusion – Provides data integration and schema remodeling to enable customers to fuse data from multiple sources to produce harmonized geospatial data models.
  • GeoMedia Grid – Seamlessly integrates vector and grid data formats for viewing and analysis. It is ideally suited for carrying out complex spatial analysis such as site location (determining the best site), corridor planning (finding best path between multiple locations), and hot-spot detection (spatial clustering of sparse points).
  • GeoMedia Terrain – Adds terrain analysis and visualization to the GeoMedia environment. Capitalizing on GeoMedia's capabilities to display multiple geographic data types simultaneously without translation, GeoMedia Terrain delivers the ability to ingest terrain, feature, and image data to support a variety of terrain analysis applications. GeoMedia Terrain also includes components to generate three-dimensional terrain models and dynamically fly through terrain models.
  • TerraShare – Enables the management and structure of data files (image data, elevation data, LiDAR data, and other georeferenced and non-georeferenced data) within an enterprise. This client/server, enterprise geospatial content access solution consists of several server and client-side modules to integrate a storage infrastructure with end-user production and exploitation tools.


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