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Design, construction, and operation of metals, mining, and minerals facilities

Metals & Mining


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The metals and mining industry provides basic raw materials needed by major sectors of the world economy. This market is experiencing a period of unprecedented growth.  Developing economies in Asia and South America are increasing consumption of both coal and minerals to meet demands for higher standards of living. Intergraph plant automation solutions can help the industry meet the challenges of achieving higher production goals and operational excellence through better engineering data management allowing for improved asset performance from initial design stages to commencement of operations.

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3D Modeling & Visualization

The requirement to extract and process ore from some of the largest operations in the world places massive demands on the timely design and construction of mining, materials handling, processing, and transportation facilities. SmartPlant 3D Materials Handling Edition is reshaping the way plants are designed for the metals and mining industry. The solution provides an integrated design environment which is able to fully support and manage the complexities and scale of these plants. SmartPlant 3D Materials Handling Edition offers close integration between structural, civil, heavy plant equipment, conveying systems, and piping disciplines. Learn more


Companies in the metals and mining sectors look to Intergraph for solutions for each phase of the design and engineering life-cycle process. With our solutions, you can leverage the interoperability and unique focus associated with deploying design and engineering solutions from a single-source innovator. Learn more

Engineering & Schematics

The process facilities in mining and metal operations require a large amount of maintenance. SmartPlant Engineering & Schematics offers the solution to design the installation with the associated power and control requirements allowing for enhanced data access to support ongoing maintenance, lowering the frequency and duration of maintenance events. The design of large pre-fabricated equipment and integration of significant power distribution networks are fulfilled with SmartPlant Engineering & Schematics. Learn more

Information Management

Mining operations cover considerable area and are often located in extremely remote locations. The ability to operate these facilities from a global value-chain perspective is a challenge for effective information management. Intergraph’s information management products help many of the top mining companies to harness the world’s resources and maintain efficient extraction operations. Learn more

Materials Management & Project Controls

For a typical new processing facility, 10 to 15 percent of the total cost is for engineering design and 70 to 80 of the cost is material related. Surplus material caused by non-optimal materials management, even to the levels of only five percent, can result in the loss of millions of dollars on an average capital project. Without continual management and real-time project performance, it is difficult to take the appropriate corrective action to prevent schedule delays. These delays can often be even more costly when they are discovered late in the process and delay the time for commissioning and operations. Effectively managing these complicated business processes in an integrated environment throughout all phases of the project life cycle using SmartPlant Materials is vital. Learn more


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