SmartPlant® Enterprise for Owner Operators

Support the complete life cycle

Safety in the Engineering Enterprise

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Streamline Data Take-on

Validation, Transformation, and Loading – A SPO Solution

Validate data from projects and brownfield data take-on. Learn More.

Connect Engineering Design with Reality

Leica TruView Integrator for SmartPlant® Enterprise

Leica TruView Integrator for SmartPlant Enterprise is a new synergy solution to support day-to-day plant operations and activities like maintenance and inspection. Read More

Process safety Management & Asset Integrity Management

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(Hydrocarbon Engineering)

Adrian Park of Intergraph reveals the role of asset management in safe, effective, and sustainable plant operations and maintenance.

Interactive Business Case

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GetSmart Webinar Series

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Owner Operators

Learn how Intergraph offers real value for owner operators, including Neste Oil, Nynas, PTTEP, SCG Chemical Group, Suncor, and Vietsovpetro. Read the Owner Operators Spotlight.

Owner operators face many demands to minimize CAPEX and OPEX expenditures; deliver projects as quickly as possible; ensure safe, sustainable production; demonstrate compliance to meet regulatory authority requirements; and many more. To help meet these demands, Intergraph offers SmartPlant Enterprise for Owner Operators (SPO).

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SPO leverages the engineering design basis to provide an extensive portfolio of integrated, pre-configured solutions addressing key owner operator work processes across the plant life cycle. These processes leverage the underlying virtual plant asset in Intergraph’s industry-leading SmartPlant Foundation repository and are supported by integrated SmartPlant engineering design tools. SPO offers a comprehensive platform to support critical initiatives such as process safety management and asset integrity.

Date-stamping of all information changes and electronic workflows provide auditable traceability to demonstrate compliance for regulatory authorities.

SPO Solution Sheets

Download SPO Core Solution

Download SPO Handover Solution

Download SPO Mobile Applications Solution

Download SPO Operating Plant Solution

Download SPO Project Execution Solution

Download SPO Requirements Management and Traceability Solution

Download SPO Systems Completion Solution

Download Leica TruView Integrator for SmartPlant Enterprise

Download Validation, Transformation, and Loading – A SPO Solution

Download Samahnzi 3D PACT

SPO White Papers

Key work processes

The SPO Core Solution includes key work processes that are relevant throughout the complete plant life cycle. The solution provides common core work processes and is a prerequisite for:

Business packages

The following SPO Core Solution business packages are available:

  • Plant and work breakdown structures
  • Tag management
  • Document, transmittal, and dossier management
  • Model, asset, and manufacturer
  • Risk-reducing measures
  • Plant data loading
  • Conceptual engineering
  • Engineering data browsing
  • On-plant engineering and design
  • Fast Track implementation
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