Secure, manage, and maintain your transportation network

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Transportation networks worldwide are faced daily with thousands of decisions needed to keep intelligent transportation systems running smoothly and safely. Intergraph transportation solutions help keep people and assets moving safely and efficiently across the world. Road, rail, and transit agencies, as well as airports and seaports, use these solutions to secure, manage, and maintain their transportation networks. From visualizing roadway assets and congestion to helping simplify monitoring and speed response to security-related issues, our solutions provide you with the awareness you need to keep systems efficient, reliable, and safe.

  • Geospatial Intelligence Production  Our geospatial intelligence production suite enables large-scale map production, with special attention to data accuracy and quality checks throughout the process. Our tools produce higher-quality, robust intelligence products with unmatched efficiency and accuracy.
  • Image Acquisition  Intergraph's Image Capture application supports aerial photogrammetric missions for the broadest range of mapping, geographic information systems (GIS), and remote sensing applications, using the industry's most innovative and precise turnkey digital camera systems. Our complete data acquisition systems produce small-scale or large-scale images with high-quality resolution at engineering-scale accuracy. They also deliver images digitally, enabling direct production of a wide range of mapping and image analysis deliverables, including orthophotos, Digital Terrain Models (DTMs), and more.
  • IT System Support  Intergraph provides IT Systems Support and other sustainment activities to ensure your hardware and software systems remain operational. We serve as a one-stop shop for all your IT needs with expert field support services for hardware and software staging, configuration, and deployment. Note: This solution is available in the U.S. only.
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