Geospatial Intelligence Exploitation

The need to collect and analyze geospatial data — such as high-resolution imagery, UAV video, and GPS-tracked objects — and transform it into actionable intelligence has never been more important. Our geospatial intelligence exploitation suite provides robust tools for organizing, pre-processing, managing, and integrating geospatial data for advanced image exploitation and geospatial intelligence fusion. Intergraph’s solution allows you to dynamically combine large amounts of data in a responsive, easy-to-use environment for swift, informed decision making.

Intergraph's U.S. Federal contracts allow you to purchase hardware, software, and services:

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Key Benefits

  • Fused Intelligence for Informed Decisions - Rapidly fuses data from various sources to perform sophisticated analysis and present actionable intelligence
  • Time Savings - Shortens data search with robust geospatial information management and automated ingest, so you can spend more time performing analysis
  • Advanced Analysis - Collections of powerful spatial queries and visualizations enable analysts to identify trends and make high-confidence decisions


  • Imagery Softcopy Search - As the amount of collected sensor data increases dramatically, the ability to perform quick and accurate broad-area search operations on digital imagery is imperative. Imagery Softcopy Search provides the tools for image analysts to quickly process and enhance images (including National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) classified image formats), search imagery to identify features, build image mosaics, and fuse geospatial information together for a more comprehensive intelligence picture.
  • Image Management - Effective image management is needed to fuse vast amounts of geospatial data from different sources, scales, and time frames. Our application ingests and manages image information to provide you with the most comprehensive picture possible. In addition, Image Management enables upstream processing for automated tasks on incoming imagery and other data, freeing up your time for more dedicated analysis.
  • Coming Attraction in 2008 - Motion Imagery Exploitation - The ability to catalog, manage, search, and analyze video collected from unmanned aircraft is important to keeping military personnel out of harm’s way. Motion imagery exploitation allows you to transform this data into accurate intelligence quickly and effectively. Further capabilities geo-fuse motion imagery with traditional sources for a more complete intelligence picture.


Customer References

  • National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, USA
  • Defense Intelligence Agency-MSIC, USA - As part of the COLSA-led team, Intergraph provided the Defense Intelligence Agency’s Missile and Space Intelligence Center (MSIC) with a system to store, manage, query, and view vast amounts of geospatial intelligence data in seconds.




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