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Information technology plays a vital role in helping government achieve high performance. We serve as a one-stop shop for all IT needs — systems and networking, managed services, consulting, knowledge management, and more. Providing IT services for today’s business and technology challenges, we help organizations directly link IT to the objectives of their business, thus maximizing their return on technology investments.

Intergraph's U.S. Federal contracts allow you to purchase hardware, software, and services:

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Key Benefits

  • More Informed Decisions - Fast and ready access to critical records is an urgent need for policy makers, analysts, and warfighters to make better and faster operational decisions. Our document management and conversion solution puts vital information into your hands when you need it.
  • Knowledge Sharing - Our knowledge-sharing capabilities provide a mechanism for capturing and disseminating organizational knowledge.
  • Driving Organization Improvements - Our solution allows you to constantly update your knowledge base to drive organizational improvements across the board.


  • IT Help Desk Services - Companies need total IT support, whether it's to support custom systems, consolidate support from multiple vendors, or augment their own staff. Intergraph's Help Desk Services provide total system, hardware, networking, operating system, and applications support. We have been awarded, for the second consecutive year, HDI’s Support Center Certification due to our quality operations, continuous improvement, strategic vision, positive work environment for employees and high level of customer services.
  • Knowledge Management - Knowledge is one of your organization’s most valuable assets. Applying a consistent approach to knowledge management in everyday operations can transform your simplest processes into a means for capturing, sharing, and updating that knowledge to drive organizational improvements. Through integration and consulting services, we identify your critical challenges, define and implement solutions, and provide change management expertise throughout the process.
  • Document Management and Conversion - Fast and ready access to critical records — such as historical war plans and operational concepts, war casualty records, and critical legal documentation — is essential to helping the warfighter make better and faster operational decisions. Our document management and conversion system and services provides the Department of Defense access to critical information by digitizing, storing, and managing paper records.
  • Systems and Networking - Governments and organizations are often faced with the serious challenge of providing up-to-date information to worldwide resources in support of critical operations. This challenge requires more than a standard hardware and networking configuration — it demands a high-availability solution. Intergraph provides the information technology expertise needed through our comprehensive, customized solutions designed to fit both enterprise and business cultures. Organizations can actively monitor the health of their systems and networking infrastructure, identifying and resolving issues before they impact end-users.


Customer References

  • Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, USA - Intergraph Corporation signed a five-year, $4.9 million contract with the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation Bureau of Design to provide information technology support services.
  • Air Force Accounting and Finance Office, USA - Through the Air Force Accounting and Finance Office (AFAFO), the Air Force financial management (FM) community worked diligently to improve self-inspection procedures using a process-based knowledge application system developed by Intergraph Corporation.
  • Air Force's Headquarters OSSG, USA - OSSG partnered with Intergraph to investigate the current environment and facilitate a strategy for wirelessly enabling the Air Force Portal. As a long-term Air Force partner with considerable experience with systems integration and complex wireless applications, Intergraph was able to address both wireless and applications issues.
  • DoD Office of the General Counsel (OGC), USA - We have been successfully working with the OGC for the past several years to digitize their volumes of paper backfiles to create a data management system.



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