Systems Engineering and Integration

Most government organizations use a combination of hardware and software for different business requirements. Recognized worldwide as an integration leader, Intergraph brings these systems together into an integrated environment for a common operating picture, creating easier and faster access to information when and where it is needed. We help you deploy the correct systems and ensure that they work together seamlessly. Advantages include reduced costs, improved business processes, and a scalable, integrated enterprise architecture that grows with your organization.

Intergraph's U.S. Federal contracts allow you to purchase hardware, software, and services:

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Key Benefits

  • Improved Business Information - Intergraph fuses multiple systems together into a single operational picture for easier and faster access to critical information.
  • Reduced Costs - Intergraph’s integration services improve business processes, which saves time and reduces cost of operations.
  • Reduced Cost of Ownership - Intergraph’s rugged hardware and systems withstand the harshest environments, thereby extending the life and availability of critical systems.
  • Industry Compliance - Intergraph’s rugged hardware and systems meet criteria such as National Electronic Manufacturer Association, MIL-SPEC, and other near-explosive survivability requirements.


  • Information Systems and Integration - Integrated IT systems are becoming increasingly difficult to design, implement, and maintain, requiring a solutions engineering methodology. Intergraph offers a needs-based approach to integrating systems, processes, applications, and data as the foundation for information system solutions. We provide an integrated view of all data, automate business processes, and quickly implement new technologies, providing real value to an organization’s bottom line.
  • Product Integration - Intergraph integrates third-party products or systems, as well as Intergraph products and government off-the-shelf systems, to provide a framework for success. We have forged partnerships and professional, certified working relationships with leading providers of hardware, software, and services to reduce cost, increase productivity, enhance customer service, and minimize risk. Additionally, we use staging facilities and integration labs to research and develop best practices and eliminate all potential malfunctions before final implementation, ensuring an optimal solution.
  • System of Systems - Organizations and government agencies today want solutions to fulfill their global mission, not a single specific system to meet an exact set of specifications. Intergraph provides large-scale systems integration to minimize cost and enhance system reliability and performance. Our experience with integrating and managing complex architectures involves dozens of systems used for high-demand engineering, logistics, geospatial, and maintenance applications. We develop scalable and adaptable solutions to accommodate future needs, while employing the most advanced level of technology today.
  • Rugged Hardware - Defense agencies often employ computing technology in harsh environments. We design, manufacture, and integrate rugged commercial off-the-shelf hardware to withstand harsh environments and meet criteria such as National Electronic Manufacturer Association, MIL-SPEC, and other near-explosives survivability requirements. Our workstations perform damage assessment, system control, warship bridge consoles, video analysis, and more.
  • Cyber Security and Audits - Data access, data integrity, and data security are essential for success in the office or on the battlefield. With widespread Internet usage, misuse of network resources has grown dramatically. Our cost-effective solutions ensure data security without interrupting critical data flow. We protect your systems by using a three-step process: assessments and certifications, security management, and cyber services.


Customer References

  • Air Force, USA - Intergraph worked with the U.S. Air Force to integrate a standard DoD accounting system with legacy production, material, and financial systems. The resulting Depot Maintenance Accounting and Production System today interfaces with 30 different Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) legacy systems.
  • Navy, USA - Since entering the ruggedized hardware market in 1995 to support the Smart Ship initiative, Intergraph has become a leading provider of ruggedized shipboard workstations and enclosed displays in the U.S. Navy space.
  • Naval Air Systems Command, USA - Recently, Intergraph used their Joint Aviation and Technical Data Integration (JATDI) capability to assist in the Global War on Terrorism effort to support the 101st Airborne Divison's Apache and Blackhawk deployment to Iraq. Meeting the U.S. Army’s request for immediate turnaround, Intergraph strengthened warfighter needs and delivered an essential capability to troops before heading to the war zone.
  • State of Alabama, USA - The State of Alabama's chief information officer praises Intergraph's Cyber Security Program for addressing the challenges associated with protecting confidential information on state systems while providing these groups with the information they require.



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