Materials Management & Project Controls

Offsshore engineering must deal with many constraints. Space is the major constraint. But extreme weather conditions, deep water, low temperatures, and more create a large challenge for the engineer to develop a sound, reliable, and safe design.

Shipyards and Owner Operators

SmartPlant® Reference Data

SmartPlant Reference Data offers rule-driven and change control mechanisms for defining and maintaining reference data used later in Intergraph design and materials management solution and clients' ERP systems. This reference data consists of item descriptions, dimension tables, specifications, client mappings, and best practices, all stored at the corporate or project level. This reference data is the common base for shipyard or owner operator processes.

Standard Database for SmartPlant Reference Data

Companies devote significant effort to define a catalog of parts that satisfy requirements throughout various phases of a project. To reduce this effort, Intergraph has built a Standard Database for SmartPlant Reference Data that delivers a comprehensive range of parts that can be used to uniquely describe materials throughout a project life cycle. Within SmartPlant Reference Data, the Standard Database employs sophisticated and exhaustive rules to maintain material descriptions.

Standard Database for SmartPlant Reference Data is a pre-configured, recommended practice solution to enable rapid implementation of enterprise reference data management and/or materials management in general. The Standard Database incorporates a comprehensive catalog of industry-standard material parts, organized and described for "out of the box" usage by owner/operators, engineering, procurement, fabrication, and construction. The content is pre-configured to enable catalog and piping specification interfaces to intelligent 3D applications (SmartMarine 3D and PDS).

SmartPlant Materials

Link Engineering with Procurement

Material takeoff quantities from the SmartMarine Enterprise will be regularly collected as BOM and then compared to previous project phases, enabling you to analyze project trends and make better decisions. The quantity data will be summarized by pre-defined templates into rule-based requisitions and then sent to procurement to kick off the purchasing process.


Supplier management (qualifications, addresses, etc.) is an integral part of procurement. The access of historical information for suppliers based on their performance rating or purchase order history in previous or current projects will help to make better decisions during the negotiation phase.

All users can take advantage of consistent data in the purchasing cycle (inquiries, bids, and purchase orders) to promote effective data management throughout the workflow. The inquiry cycle time is greatly reduced by involving the suppliers directly in the process by giving them secure, online access via the Internet.

Expediting, Inspection, and Logistics

Purchasing information and modifications can be reused in expediting. SmartPlant Materials' change management functionality ensures that your data is always reliable and up-to-date, even during revisions. The Expediting/Inspection/Logistics module can be accessed remotely through the Internet by third parties such as suppliers, freight forwarders, or inspectors.

Inventory Management

Data created during expediting simplifies and shortens the materials receiving process, whether in geographically distributed jobsites or warehouses. Over, Short, and Damage (OS&D) reports can be easily created. Materials issued to subcontractors can be based on drawings or work packages, saving you time and money.

Construction Planning

Construction planning assigns labor capacity to predefined work packages depending on material availability now and in the future. It also identifies critical material shortages. The resulting time-based workload optimizes resource allocation because it includes both forecasted and actual materials.

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