Geospatial Data Production

Image courtesy of Stereocarto, S.L., Spain.

Governments and commercial photogrammetry/mapping agencies across the world rely on Intergraph solutions to gather and analyze geospatial data. We set the industry standard with our complete workflow for capturing and exploiting geospatial data for maps, terrain models, and orthophotos. Our geospatial data production solution provides you with the detail and accuracy needed for data exploitation and other critical mapping applications.

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Key Benefits

  • Central Data View - Provides an entire picture of the photogrammetry project, saving production time
  • Data Accuracy - Makes it easier to check quality and completeness of the input/output data
  • Ability to produce four-band imagery - Allows jobs to be completed faster, saving time and money


  • Photogrammetry Production Management - Intergraph’s photogrammetry product management solution provides all of the photogrammetric data management tools required for a production workflow. You will benefit from the central photogrammetric data manager and central data store, enabling the setup and data management of photogrammetric projects.
  • Image Preparation for Collection - This application prepares various formats of imagery data, classified and non-classified, for geospatial data collection. This includes generating one or more common photogrammetric models required for data collection, mathematical modeling, image geopositioning, or image partitioning.
  • Image Georeferencing - Our image georeferencing application suite allows automatic triangulation and georeferencing of large blocks of aerial or satellite image data, resulting in highly accurate data in all parts of the project. This suite of products relates raster coordinates of aerial and satellite imagery to ground systems by measuring some points on the images and performing triangulation adjustment. It gives you a simple, easy-to-use, Windows-based photogrammetric measurement environment featuring smooth, real-time, stereo model measurement.
  • Geospatial Data Collection - Intergraph’s geospatial data collection applications provide capabilities to collect and edit vector data over stereo or mono imagery of aerial or satellite sensors. Using our application suite, you can display and manipulate stereo imagery with photogrammetrically accurate 3D cursor tracking, stereo vector superimposition, stereo roam, and image contrast and brightness adjustments.
  • Digital Terrain Model Collection - Intergraph’s digital terrain model collection application suite provides interactive tools for collecting digital terrain model (DTM) data, elevation points, breaklines, and other geomorphologic features in stereo models. This application suite allows you to automatically generate elevation models from aerial or satellite stereo imagery, creating accurate and reliable DTM data in a very efficient way.
  • Orthophoto Production - Intergraph’s orthophoto production application suite gives you the tools to handle the complete ortho production workflow. The application covers ortho project planning, rectification, dodging, true ortho, tone balancing, automatic seamline generation, one-button ortho, mosaicking, and quality assessment. The entire ortho workflow can be achieved in a distributed processing environment, increasing production and reducing computation time.
  • Image Management - Intergraph’s image management application suite provides you with the infrastructure needed for geospatial data management and earth imaging production. The integration of storage infrastructure with end-user production and exploitation tools lets you address your geospatial data management, access, and distribution needs effectively.


Customer References

  • Mason Land Surveys, Ireland pdf- Intergraph helped develop and maintain a definitive national map database for Mason Land Surveys in Ireland.
  • Kokusai Kogyo Co. Ltd., Japan pdf - Kokusai Kogyo Co. Ltd. (KKC) uses Intergraph’s Digital Mapping Camera (DMC) technology to streamline production, allowing the creation of true orthos for nearly the same cost as traditional orthoimages.





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