Computer-Aided Dispatch

Intergraph’s Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) system provides call-center and communications center operators with the tools they need to field calls, create and update incidents, and manage an organization’s critical resources by providing real-time interaction of crucial data. Combined with historical and local searches, operators are ensured they have the right information available to them when making urgent decisions.

Our Web-based solutions provide occasional or remote access to the CAD system, providing first responders and security personnel with secure Web access to live operational information and the ability to search for historical data on incidents and resources. For optimal communications, our solution smoothly integrates voice and data and includes built-in interfaces to radio and telecommunications systems, allowing fast, efficient radio messaging and data distribution. Our notifications and interoperability interfaces give police, fire, emergency, and security forces the ability to send messages and informational notifications to a wide variety of recipients through different types of media. Our solutions also support the unique interface requirements for assisting in the dispatch of fire and EMS resources to emergency events, and provide the tools needed to quickly respond to fires and other major incidents.

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Key Benefits

Computer Aided Dispatch

  • Improved, Well-orchestrated Responses - Enables improved, well-orchestrated responses for reducing crime and maintaining public order
  • Multi-agency Coordination - Improves coordinated response through the use of core multi-agency capabilities
  • Better Use of Historical Data - Uses comprehensive historical data for more efficient resource utilitization and planning for the future
  • Reduced Cost - Reduces cost of service delivery
  • Enhanced Performance Management - Helps communications center operators and management meet their performance requirements through fast and efficient service delivery
  • Real-time Information - Provides responders with the information they need for a more timely and appropriate response, leading to increased public confidence in public safety services
  • Web Access - Provides Web access to critical incident information, so first responders can save lives and help lower crime rates, and occasional users can access live incident and historical data from any secure Internet connection
  • Low-cost Footprint - Saves costs by distributing public safety information to a broader set of users, so they have greater situational awareness

Communications Interfaces

  • Seamless Integration - Allows seamless integration of radio, digital radio, and telephone communications with the CAD system to reduces operator mistakes and increases performance of control room operators
  • Improved Audit Trail - Automatically records call information and associated data in the CAD database with other incident information, providing an audit trail for easy retrieval and reporting purposes
  • Integration with External Applications - Can be integrated with other external applications, such as the personnel database, to route calls to operators with special skills, such as languages
  • Smaller Space Requirement - Reduces physical space needed for telephone and radio equipment on the desktop

Notifications and Interoperability

  • Improved Information Distribution - Supports a variety of communication devices and protocols to ensure distribution of information and notices in support of emergency response
  • Open Industry Standards - Uses industry-standard XML protocols for exchanging CAD incident information to third-party applications and CAD systems to support mutual aid requests

Public Safety Fire Interfaces

  • Faster Response - Enables faster response to fire and medical emergencies for quicker resolution and improved citizen safety and well being
  • More Efficient Use of Time - Allows the automatic transfer of information from CAD, so field officers don't spend time entering base incident data; enables reporting as a unit is assigned to an event, so field personnel can focus on public safety; offers operational continuity so all staff can better service incidents
  • Justification for Funding and Staffing - Drives justification and funding for staff and resources due to more accurate reporting and availability of up-to-date incident information from CAD
  • Accurate Staffing Records, Statistics, and Payroll - Helps maintain up-to-date records for staffing reports, statistics, and payroll information
  • Dynamic Redepoyment - Supports the ability to use real-time incident and unit data to dynamically redeploy fire and EMS resources to match operational coverage requirements, using LiveMUM Interface



  • Computer Aided Dispatch - Intergraph's CAD is the core of your decision support process. This "intelligent" mapping and data entry system seamlessly integrates an interactive, real-time map display with call handling, dispatching, records and information management, remote access, and mobile data. The application enables precise and exceptionally fast response, while conveniently generating a full incident record for downstream use. Our CAD Web-based application allows Web users to dispatch resources to incidents, view unit status updates, clear units from incidents, and update incident type or location. It also allows personnel to retrieve dispatch information without having special CAD software installed on their computers, and gives users outside the control room an overview of the current operational status. This status shows active incidents and available resources, both in list form and on the map display.
  • Communications Interfaces - Intergraph’s communications interfaces smoothly integrate voice and data, and include built-in interfaces to radio and telecommunications systems, allowing fast, efficient radio messaging and data distribution.
  • Notifications and Interoperability - Public safety agencies, such as police, fire, emergency, and security forces, must send messages and informational notifications to a wide variety of recipients through different types of media. Our notifications and interoperability interfaces support pagers, e-mail, and telephone device for the deaf (TDD), radio identifications, and unit and event information for other software applications.
  • Public Safety Fire Interfaces - We have extended our CAD system with interfaces to third-party solutions that support the special needs of fire response management. Our interfaces support fire station alerting and printing, paging, fire records management, and fire/EMS resource optimization tools from leading solution providers, such as Deccan, ZOLL Data Systems, Firehouse, and Zetron. These interfaces provide fire and EMS personnel with the tools they need to quickly respond to fires and other major incidents.


Customer References

United States and Canada:

  • Elk Grove Police, USA pdf - Intergraph provided the Elk Grove Police in California with an integrated solution that supports computer-aided dispatch, records management, mobile services, field reporting, and property management.
  • Louisville Metro, USA pdf - The City of Louisville, Kentucky uses Intergraph technology to effectively unify all emergency response agencies within the community.
  • Toronto Police Service, Canada pdf - Intergraph replaced Toronto Police Service’s legacy computer-aided dispatch mobile system with a state-of-the art solution that provides in-car mapping capabilities.


  • German Federal Police, Germany - Intergraph technology has helped the German Federal Police coordinate countrywide activities, shorten response times, and carry out successful manhunts.
  • Bouches Du Rhône Fire Brigade, France pdf - Intergraph technology enables the Bouches Du Rhône Fire Brigade to achieve faster emergency response times, while providing field communications and better resource management.


  • Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority (ESTA)



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