Mobile Dispatch and Field Reporting

Intergraph's mobile dispatch capability extends its Computer-Aided Dispatch and Police Records Management systems into the field, using wireless technology to put emergency management information systems — and controlled interaction — in the hands of field officers. Designed for in-vehicle devices, tablet-PCs, and hand-held personal digital assistants, our mobile dispatch solution will match any organization's needs. Our solution enables field officers to perform background checks, and updates their location and availability status, reducing the amount of routine radio traffic in the control room. This allows dispatchers to concentrate on managing active critical incidents.

Intergraph's field reporting application streamlines law enforcement duties such as serving papers, reporting incidents and accidents, and writing citations in the field. The application places the data collection, information validation, and report submission and approval capability in the hands of the field personnel. In addition to operating in a connected mode, the solution also operates in a disconnected mode, which gives officers the ability to complete their reports without being connected to the server.

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Key Benefits

  • Better Response and Improved Safety - Gives field officers the information they need for more appropriate response, leading to lower crime rates and improved officer safety
  • Availability of Data in the Field - Makes mapping data and supporting geographic information available in the field, giving officers insight into incident locations
  • Enhanced Awareness - Notifies officers instantly of changes to assignments issued by dispatch, such as location changes, suspect information, and more, resulting in increased officer and citizen safety
  • More Efficient Use of Time - Lets officers use their time more efficiently by enabling them to complete reporting tasks in the field instead of at the station
  • Improved Workflow Efficiency - Offers an application specifically designed for mobile environments with low lighting conditions and "tight" spaces, and for working with touchscreens, keyboards, and car-mounted printers
  • Faster Reporting - Makes information collected in the field more rapidly available, as compared to waiting for it to be re-keyed from more traditional paper reports


  • Mobile Dispatch - Intergraph’s Mobile Dispatch application provides law enforcement personnel with a comprehensive set of tools that can be used from within or close to their vehicles, making many control-room facilities remotely available to mobile users. Our mobile dispatch solution will match any organization’s needs, allowing field officers to perform background checks, upating their location and availability status, and reducing the amount of routine radio traffic in the control room — thus allowing dispatchers to concentrate on managing active critical incidents. From a mobile unit, officers can receive and acknowledge dispatch messages, view incident details and information (such as the incident history for a property), and access local police database information. Our mobile dispatch solution uses the same intelligent map-based displays as in the control center, allowing officers to see the location of nearby units, query addresses, and generate routing information. For mobile personnel on foot, Intergraph offers mobile dispatch solutions for PDAs, giving you a browser-based application with access to the latest incident information, database searches, and the ability to receive and send text messages. Intergraph’s mobile dispatch solution extends the power of command and control into the field.
  • Field Reporting - Field Reporting for Law Enforcement provides field officers real-time wireless access to remote records management databases. This application that not only improves the efficiency of creating incident reports, but also optimizes the transfer of queries and responses. Our Field Reporting application generates field-requested information without intervention at the communications center, giving field personnel real-time access to exactly the relevant data needed, while reducing critical bandwidth usage and IT administrator involvement.


Customer References

United States and Canada:

  • Des Moines, Iowa
  • San Jose Police, California
  • San Angelo, Texas
  • Calgary TriServices, Canada
  • Toronto Police, Canada


  • Astrid, Belgium



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