Public Safety Law Enforcement Records Management

For many police departments, managing and tracking the daily influx of law enforcement information — such as accident and arrest reports, citations, depositions, summonses, and much more — can be an overwhelming task. Intergraph’s Public Safety Law Enforcement Records Management solution links people, property, places, and related records into one central database, dramatically increasing law enforcement efficiency and effectiveness. These systems help public safety personnel create, query, and manage law enforcement records in a secure, reliable environment, and deliver National Incident-based Reporting System (NIBRS) and Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) reports to state governments. In addition, our Jail Management application provides a variety of features for jail management, automating functions to ensure due process and providing necessary documentation of all inmate activities from initial booking to release.


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Key Benefits

Law Enforcement Records Management

  • Increased Accuracy - Lets you create, query, and manage law enforcement records data with one-time entry and validation rules that assure accurate information
  • Statutory Compliance - Generates timely and accurate statutory reports consistent with federal and state NIBRS and UCR requirements
  • Easy Viewing Access and Advanced Search - Gives you easy viewing access and advanced search capabilities, so you can quickly locate the information you need
  • Interoperability Among Agencies - Uses a standard information interchange framework that supports interoperability among law enforcement agencies and eliminates data duplication
  • Intuitive User Interface - Provides a familiar and intuitive work environment that requires less training, resulting in an easy-to use-solution

Jail Management

  • Automated Jail Management - Automates jail management functions to ensure due process, and provides necessary documentation of all inmate activities, including information needed for statutory reporting and location tracking
  • Easier Jail Dispute Resolution - Allows management to keep accurate records in the event of jail-related disputes
  • Enhanced Inmate Identification - Associates mug shots with inmate records for rapid identification
  • Common Database for Records Management and Jail Management - Offers a shared database for records management and jail management, resulting in a consistent picture of inmates' activities and complete documentation of criminal history
  • Information Availability - Makes integrated law enforcement records and jail management records available to users of both systems, which helps with searches such as checking RMS data for outstanding warrants against inmates


  • Law Enforcement Records Management - Intergraph’s Law Enforcement Records Management systems provide a superior law enforcement solution for helping public safety agencies create, query, and manage law enforcement records and deliver National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS) and Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) reports to state governments. These systems store and retrieve information on incidents and offenses, arrests, warrants, property, case management, pawned property, field interviews, and many other types of information required to effectively manage a public safety agency.
  • Jail Management - Provides a variety of features for jail management, including tools to create non-inmate related events/activities, jail property intake records, configuration of good time and gain, viewing arrests records, and maintaining a jail log for documenting and tracking disciplinary sanctions. The jail management application supports the management of jail functions, from booking to release, for a variety of correctional philosophies and facility architectures.


Customer References

  • City of Des Moines, Iowa, USA
  • City of Mesa, Arizona, USA
  • Overland Park Police, Kansas, USA
  • Alameda County Sheriff's Office, California, USA
  • Fulton County, Georgia, USA
  • Howard County, Maryland, USA




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