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Public safety agencies are often seeking new incident management systems that use spatial analysis and mapping to enhance operational effectiveness and measure performance. Both computer-aided dispatch solutions and police records management systems collect and manage valuable operational data, which is spatially referenced with accurate location information recorded for each incident. With Intergraph's incident analysis software and mapping solutions, public safety agencies have a new opportunity to make use of the geospatial information routinely captured in their emergency response management software and public safety applications.

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Key Benefits

  • Accurate Decisions - Provides accurate historical and current information for better decision making
  • Maintained Order and Reduced Crime - Helps you maintain order and reduce crime through effective deployment of resources
  • Better Planning - Enables more effective planning decisions made on factual information
  • Improved Crime Solving - Gives detectives the ability to solve crimes more quickly and easily using geospatial analysis tools


  • Incident Analysis - The ability to analyze and spot incident trends, such as frequency, geography, time of day, and more, has never been more valuable. Intergraph’s incident analysis application provides an intuitive and user-friendly environment for emergency planning software for analysis of incident activities, allowing you to make quick decisions and effectively deploy resources.

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