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Recent world events underscore the need to improve transportation security worldwide. Airports, transit systems, and seaports have all been targets of terrorism due to the high concentration of travelers and shippers who rely on them, and the limited security measures they have historically implemented. Our solution integrates computer-aided dispatch, incident management, and third-party detection devices, giving you access to an easy-to-understand, common operating picture. We empower you to secure vulnerable areas, detect and assess threats, and respond quickly to all types of security incidents.

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Key Benefits

  • Proven Public Safety Solution - At the core of Intergraph’s security solution is our proven law enforcement-based Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system deployed in more than 200 sites worldwide.
  • Effective Coordination - Intergraph’s security solution integrates independent physical security devices with an incident command system designed for multi-agency, multi-jurisdictional coordination. This enables timely and effective response to threats and incidents.
  • Force Multiplier - By providing a common operating picture, Intergraph’s solution acts as a force multiplier, providing a decision-support system that focuses limited resources on confirmed threats.


  • Incident Detection - Recognizing that an incident has occurred is the first
    step in preventing or reducing harm. Incident detection provides a single environment to detect and assess incidents by interfacing with access control systems, intrusion detection systems, radar systems, and video analytics. By integrating multiple devices, our system presents a complete picture of the target, and whether a response is appropriate.
  • Video Assessment - Video Assessment integrates video management applications to provide an operator with an effective way to identify a target and assess if it is a threat. When the application is used in conjunction with CAD, the operator has a streamlined solution to view targets, assess threat level, and manage an appropriate response.
  • Computer Aided Dispatch - The ability to respond quickly and efficiently to detected threats is essential to saving lives and property. Our application provides the common operating picture to display information from the integrated detection technologies and provide a mechanism to respond immediately, and manage incidents from detection to resolution.
  • Computer Aided Dispatch - Web - The ability to access computer-aided dispatch on the Web adds flexibility and speeds response. Our application lets you manage incidents and responses remotely by allowing access to the CAD system through the Internet.
  • Mobile Dispatch - Emergency responders in the field need access to the same information available to on-site dispatchers. Mobile dispatch extends the common operational picture and incident management capability to mobile units, providing access through mobile devices. You can even update incident status and provide incident activity logs using this application.
  • Consequence Management - Consequence management is vital to minimizing damage and recovering from a major event. Our application provides an environment to build and manage a response plan through the presentation of objectives, strategies, standard operating procedures, and checklists. Feedback on plan compliance is provided throughout the lifecycle of the event to allow for status checks and corrections if necessary.
  • Notifications Interfaces - Supporting the National Incident Management System (NIMS) standards, notifications interfaces provide interoperability with, pagers, alerting systems, and external databases.
  • Communications Interfaces - Effective communication requires seamless coordination between computer-aided dispatch, radio, and telephone systems. Our communication interfaces make this possible, so urgent information is shared quickly and accurately.
  • Planning and Training - Response plans must be tested and trained to ensure perfect execution in the real world. Our planning and training tools use simulation to provide a virtual-world experience. We offer agencies a safe environment to ensure preparedness for flawless incident management.
  • System Administration - Mission readiness requires tools and capabilities to manage and enhance your live information systems. Our map editing and configuration tools support the management of your system, so accurate information is always at your fingertips.

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