Electric Infrastructure Management

Intergraph’s electric infrastructure management (EIM) supports the design and records management for the principal assets of a utility - the transmission and distribution facilities. Most utilities spend a lot of time and money building and maintaining these valuable assets, so it’s important to keep records current and accurate. EIM reduces the cost of maintaining these records, which are stored in a database and easily available for a variety of applications. The EIM solution can help you improve record keeping productivity by more than 50 percent. More importantly, it helps engineers, planners, designers, dispatchers, accountants, and crews do a better job of utilizing and managing the facilities.

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Key Benefits

  • Labor Savings - Improves the productivity of mapping technicians, engineers, field, and all personnel who need to create, use, and maintain accurate network asset information
  • Process Improvement - Eliminates redundant or duplicate processes and refines engineering workflows to speed up processes and improve efficiency and customer service levels
  • Improved Utilization of Assets - Integrates accurate and timely asset information with mission-critical information systems to improve asset utilization and information sharing across business units


  • Electric Distribution Asset Management - Intergraph’s electric distribution asset management application helps utilities install, modify, abandon, or remove electrical distribution and sub-transmission facilities, whether they are overhead, underground, or subway and duct construction. Geographically oriented maps of the system include primary, secondary, and service conductors, as well as customer-to-meter locations.
  • Electric Distribution Design - This interactive graphic application lets utilities design new electrical facilities, or extend or replace existing ones. Work orders may be simple, single-sheet designs or more complex multi-sheet drawings with construction interdependencies. Intergraph’s electric distribution design application supports all of the transaction details needed to design a work order and manage the status of projects. It includes routine design calculations for pole selection and volt drop calculations.
  • Electric Distribution Engineering Analysis - Intergraph’s electric distribution engineering analysis application allows you to extract circuit data and use it in other systems to determine voltage drop and current flow based on estimated loads. It also enables you to extract all data from a secondary network and use it with a third-party secondary network load flow package.
  • Electric Transmission Asset Management - The electric transmission asset management application from Intergraph helps you install, modify, abandon, or remove transmission facilities. These facilities are usually aerial towers, but can also be underground units with cooling systems in some large utilities. The application also produces maps of the electrical transmission system, providing clear and accurate details from which you can operate.
  • Electric Transmission Design - This Intergraph application helps you design new electrical facilities, as it manages the process from beginning to end. In addition to supporting new facilities, the application also aids in the extension or replacement of current assets. Work orders can be multi-sheet drawings, or one-page designs, depending on the construction workflow. The electric transmission design application offers the details needed to keep up with transactions throughout the entire process.
  • Landbase Management - Intergraph’s landbase management application supports the landbase background, used for various utility infrastructure mapping and design. Landbase management typically includes geospatial data, such as the edge of roadways, street center lines and street names. It can also include company easements and right-of-ways as maintained by a utility. This application also manages aerial photography or commercial landbases when used for background land information.
  • Field Automation - This application takes your enterprise GIS into the field. Within a single user environment, you can view, report, query, analyze, and redline a GIS mobile map and "round-trip" changes to the enterprise GIS from the field. Field automation provides a platform for developing specific field workflow applications to further automate and improve field crew productivity using the enterprise GIS.


Customer References

  • Sacramento Municipal Utility District, USA - Intergraph helped Sacramento Municipal Utility District develop a comprehensive electric distribution asset model, as well as core mapping and design applications integrated with SAP ERP.
  • Kansas City Power & Light, USA - KCP&L relies on Intergraph’s electric infrastructure management and integrated work management solutions serve their growing service territory.
  • E.ON Bayern AG, Germany - E. ON Bayern AG in Germany uses Intergraph solutions to manage their electric facilities, including data workflow to the service crews.
  • China Light and Power, China - CL&P relies on Intergraph’s electric infrastructure management¬†solutions to keep their expansive systems running smoothly.
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