The "Smart Grid" and Integrated Outage Management Solutions

Prompt power restoration following a storm or other type of outage is the hallmark of utility customer service. Intergraph’s InService outage management software help utility personnel, both dispatchers and field crews, quickly identify the cause of an outage and efficiently assign and coordinate the necessary resources to restore power or other services as quickly as possible. Our outage management solutions provide a unique geospatial map shared by both dispatchers and field personnel using mobile devices, allowing optimum coordination between dispatcher and crews. Through our solutions, customers have reduced service restoration times by as much as 33 percent and have seen the system pay for itself in less than three years.

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Key Benefits

  • Labor Savings - Predicts probable cause of an outage, and quickly and efficiently dispatches repair crews
  • Improved Network Reliability - Seamlessly manages operational and customer data with integrated tools
  • Improved Communications - Communicates restoration progress with greater accuracy and confidence


  • Computer-aided Dispatch - Intergraph’s InService Computer Aided Dispatch (I/CAD) system for utilities provides call-center and command-and-control room operators with the tools they need to field calls, create and update incidents, and manage an organization’s critical resources by providing real-time interaction of crucial data. Combined with historical and local searches, operators are ensured they have the right information available to them when making urgent decisions.
  • Trouble Analysis - Determining the cause of an outage is of upmost importance to utility companies. Intergraph’s trouble analysis application uses a facilities model with links to customer information systems, automated voice response units, supervisory control and data acquisition systems (SCADA), or automated meter reading (AMR) systems to predict the probable cause of an outage. This helps to quickly and efficiently dispatch repair crews.
  • InService SmartConsole - Intergraph’s SmartConsole provides a single user interface for both outage management system (OMS) and distribution automation system (DAS) functionality. This common user interface integrates other real-time data necessary for system operations. Following the industry’s smart grid initiative, SmartConsole consolidates and integrates numerous systems into a single integrated user interface, providing a clear common operating picture (COP) for the operations control center.
  • Business Analysis and Reporting - Much of the value of automating operational support systems is the data automatically captured in the process. Intergraph’s business analysis and reporting application allows you to comprehensively analyze, mine, and report on data within the system. You can monitor and report on key operational metrics, improving your overall operating performance.


Customer References

  • Progress Energy Florida, USA - Intergraph’s outage management system provides rapid analysis and more efficient restoration for more than 1.5 million customers in Florida.
  • ONCOR, USA - With systems from Intergraph and SIEMENS, ONCOR is advancing their outage management system to support SmartGrid operations, integrating power systems analysis and service restoration with a single graphic user interface.
  • GASAG-NBB, Germany - Intergraph provided outage management solutions for a gas distribution network.




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