I-Convert has been developed to automate the conversion of piping specifications and catalogs from a variety of plant design systems for use with I-Sketch.

Following a brief implementation period of one or two days in which the specific structure of your catalogs is described, the conversion process itself takes seconds. This means you need only maintain the catalog in the plant design system and regenerate your I-Sketch version on demand.

Main features of I-Convert include:

  • Simple user interface
  • Many plant design systems supported including:
    • PDS
    • PDMS
    • AutoPLANT
    • CADWorx Pipe
    • IDF / PCF
    • Neutral module

Using I-Convert alongside a plant design system offers the following benefits:

  • Piping catalogs for I-Sketch and the plant design system are updated by maintaining a single data source
  • Guaranteed consistency of data between I-Sketch and the plant design system
  • Errors due to data re-entry are eliminated
  • Reduced I-Sketch implementation time
  • Eliminates catalog errors when loading pipes from I-Sketch back to the plant design system through I-Export

With I-Convert's help, gain the maximum productivity from I-Sketch with the minimal implementation time.

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