Special PDS® Release

This PDS Release features new enhancements that complement and support the pharmaceutical industry, including:

  • Sample PDS pharmaceutical specifications, including all BPE-1997 fittings, zero-static tees, etc., which will contribute to faster project startup.
  • New component placement forms specifically for the pharmaceutical industry, as well as multi-port valves from prominent vendors, to support the needs of the industry workflow.
  • Support for the ISOGEN capability, showing multi-port valves and other special fittings on isometric drawings and enabling successful isometric extraction.

Benefits of using Special PDS Release

    Process Scale Up Facility
  • Supports the entire front-end engineering design (FEED) and detail design process to ensure FDA compliance and improve overall operations
  • Improves FDA compliance through integration with SmartPlant Foundation and Directa - plant data management and document management solutions
  • Reduces time to market for fast-track, modular designs and global engineering
  • Facilitates and streamlines the procurement process through integration with the SmartPlant Materials management solution
  • Reduces asset management costs through integration with upstream and downstream tasks, and by providing Web access to as-built plant data
  • Includes ASME BPE-compliant piping specifications and supports design of multi-port valves/specially shaped equipment

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