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Found 11 results in Industries - Marine

White Paper - Capital Project Life Cycle Management (cPLM) vs. Product Life Cycle Management (PLM) for the Shipbuilding, Marine, and Offshore Industries

What is cPLM, and how is it different from PLM? Complete the form below to download our “cPLM vs. PLM for the Shipbuilding, Marine, and Offshore Industries” white paper, and explore the technical and business differentiators between cPLM and PLM as they apply to the shipbuilding, marine, and offshore development industries.
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Case Study - Marine Industry Spotlight – A Special Focus Edition of Insight

Includes case studies on Keppel Offshore & Marine, Grenland Group, Samsung Heavy Industries, Martec Ltd., and Vietsovpetro. Class Society Perspectives from Lloyd's Register, DNV, and ABS are shared. A SNAME Industry Perspective is followed by Did You Know? Intergraph SmartMarine Enterprise.
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Brochure - SmartMarine Enterprise

Intergraph is a world leader in marine structure design and data management. The world's leading global classification societies not only endorse Intergraph technology, but are using it in their own businesses to regulate standards and practices.
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Solution/Product Sheet - SmartMarine 3D

SmartMarine 3D is the most advanced marine structure design software offered in two decades. It is Intergraph’s next-generation, data-centric, rule-driven solution for streamlining design processes while preserving existing data and making it more usable/reusable.
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Multimedia - SmartMarine 3D Demo Center

Why is SmartMarine 3D better? See for yourself with the new SmartMarine 3D Demo Center.
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Brochure - SmartMarine® Enterprise for Offshore

SmartMarine Enterprise offers offshore clients the largest set of market-leading applications, starting from the schematic design of an asset through to physical modeling, materials management, construction management, fabrication automation, and information management.
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Multimedia - SmartPlant Enterprise Engineering & Schematics Interactive Business Case

Learn how SmartPlant Enterprise Engineering & Schematics can promote owner operator workflows and reduce OPEX with this dynamic document featuring several interactive and multimedia elements, such as: poll questions, demos, audio clips, an ROI calculator, links to other resources, and more.
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Webinar - Piping Data transfer between SmartPlant Isometrics and SmartPlant 3D

This Webinar, Piping Data Transfer Between SmartPlant Isometrics and SmartPlant 3D, provides information about the 2010 release of SmartPlant Isometrics. Released in May 2010, SmartPlant Isometrics now offers the ability to save pipeline data from SmartPlant Isometrics in a format that can be imported by SmartPlant 3D.  Recorded: June 24, 2010
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White Paper - Document Managment in a Data-centric World

Learn how  SmartPlant Foundation supports both document-centric and data-centric approaches in complete harmony and, additionally, can support collaboration, design reuse, global "worksharing," concurrent engineering, just-in-time engineering, and reliability centered operations.
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White Paper - Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Overview

This document provides an overview of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems and Engineering Content Management (EngCM) systems.  They evolved from the same fundamental requirements – to categorize/classify and index documents on a network for easy retrieval as part of a business workflow process.
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Solution/Product Sheet - SmartPlant Electrical FAQ

SmartPlant Electrical, an integrated solution within the SmartPlant Enterprise suite, addresses the electrical power distribution network needs of the entire life cycle of the plant, from concept to detailed design through operations and maintenance, including startup, continuous operation, emergencies, and shutdowns.
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