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Brochure - Process, Power & Marine: A Divisional Overview

More than two-thirds of the plants built worldwide are designed with Intergraph software.
Download - 2 MB

Brochure - Process, Power & Marine: Solutions At-A-Glance

Intergraph’s overarching solutions help our customers implement specific work processes by unifying Intergraph products, third party products, and our customers’ legacy software together as an integrated whole.
Download - 1 MB

Brochure - SmartPlant Enterprise: Reducing CAPEX and Improving ROCE

Long-term strategic engineering opportunities should be addressed at the enterprise level. Intergraph has developed a low-risk, modular implementation path through the SmartPlant Enterprise.
Download - 1 MB

Brochure - SmartMarine Enterprise

Intergraph is a world leader in marine structure design and data management. The world's leading global classification societies not only endorse Intergraph technology, but are using it in their own businesses to regulate standards and practices.
Download - 1 MB

Brochure - SmartPlant Enterprise: 3D Modeling & Visualization

Intergraph’s 3D Modeling & Visualization solution leverages the company’s domain and global expertise to offer innovative applications that meet your needs. It removes existing plant design limitations, and in their place introduces new, multi-disciplinary, silo-free ways of working – in an optimized, integrated design and visualization environment.
Download - 1 MB

Brochure - SmartPlant Enterprise: Engineering & Schematics

Intergraph’s Engineering & Schematics applications encompass many engineering disciplines, and have been developed for today’s 24/7, global engineering workshare environment.
Download - 5 MB

Brochure - SmartPlant Enterprise: Information Management

A growing number of EPCs and O/Os are deploying integrated information management. Intergraph provides the information management solution that empowers Smart-Plant® Enterprise integration – SmartPlant Foundation.
Download - 1 MB

Brochure - SmartMarine® Enterprise for Offshore

SmartMarine Enterprise offers offshore clients the largest set of market-leading applications, starting from the schematic design of an asset through to physical modeling, materials management, construction management, fabrication automation, and information management.
Download - 13 MB

Brochure - Metals and Mining Industry Brochure

The metals and mining industry provides basic raw materials needed by major sectors of the world economy. This market is experiencing a period of unprecedented growth.  Metals and mining operations are some of the largest in the world andamong the most remote. Intergraph's products for the metals and mining industry are designed to help meet these challenges.
Download - 1 MB