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Webinar - SmartPlant P&ID Technical Update

This webinar will help viewers increase their SmartPlant P&ID knowledge and explores how SmartPlant P&ID's capabilities can benefit workflows.  Recorded: October 29, 2009
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Webinar - Reducing Costs and Risks for Owner Operators throughout the Plant Life Cycle

This webinar explores how owner operators face major challenges during operations in performing their day-to-day work, despite major investments in IT systems, due to a lack of interoperability between engineering design tools, ERP, DCS, RCM, and the host of other systems needed to support plant assets throughout the life cycle.  Recorded: 8/20/2009
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Webinar - SmartPlant Instrumentation Technical Update

This webinar will help you increase your SmartPlant Instrumentation knowledge. It also explores how its capabilities benefit your workflows. Plus, learn about some of the exciting new functionalities offered by the upcoming SmartPlant Instrumentation release.  Recorded: 9/22/2009
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Webinar - Piping Data transfer between SmartPlant Isometrics and SmartPlant 3D

This Webinar, Piping Data Transfer Between SmartPlant Isometrics and SmartPlant 3D, provides information about the 2010 release of SmartPlant Isometrics. Released in May 2010, SmartPlant Isometrics now offers the ability to save pipeline data from SmartPlant Isometrics in a format that can be imported by SmartPlant 3D.  Recorded: June 24, 2010
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Webinar - Interface Control – Managing the Complex Technical Interfaces Between Project Stakeholders to Reduce Risk and Costs

Learn about SPO's out-of-the-box, preconfigured interface management business process that can be rapidly tailored and deployed on CAPEX projects. interface management process forms part of an overall solution for managing key project execution work processes and is relevant to O/O, PMCs, or EPCs working on complex multi-party developments.Recorded: April 22, 2010
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Webinar - Interoperability Between the Engineering Design Basis and SAP with SmartPlant Enterprise for Owner Operators

SmartPlant Enterprise for Owner Operators Operating Plant provides essential interoperability between the engineering design basis and the plant asset and maintenance management system ensuring consistency, reducing discovery time, and improving decision making during the OPEX phase of the plant life cycle.Recorded: July 1, 2010
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Webinar - Automate your Electrical and Instrumentation Processes with CADWorx E&I Webinar Recording

Learn more about Intergraph CADWorx E&I, a single solution for E&I and control processes, enabling you to tackle late project changes quickly and address today's needs for mobility.
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