SGI08 - Technical Internship - Software Interfaces

Are interactive intelligent maps something for you? Maps that will not only tell you where something is but also what's inside of it? We make that kind of maps. We help people to gather and use the information about their cables and pipes. We help them to decide if the pipe can handle more gas or the cable can sustain more power. And we might be looking for a little help from you. Interested in working with a small responsive team of enthusiastic and professional technical and industry consultants and support Intergraph Benelux SG&I with technical consulting duties?

Internship topic
Design and write a set of C# and VB.NET example implementations of custom plug-in-software interfaces.

Task background
We deliver extensive API for our application. The API includes several custom plug-in interfaces. Sometimes it is not clear (especially for inexperienced 3rd party developers) what an interface is intended for or how to use certain API. It is desirable to provide more code examples for easier understanding and deliver these with the application.


In a GIS application we have an interface called “placement technique” which enables the developer to design how a cable or pipe is placed by the user on the map. The placement technique can place a pipe by collecting two user mouse clicks to identify the begin and the end of the pipe. A different placement technique (different implementation of the same interface) can place the same pipe by entering the X, Y, Z coordinates of the begin and end point of the pipe. Yet another implementation could let the user to load the X, Y, Z values from a text file or a database.  

Major Tasks

  • Collect requirements and knowledge for the task from fellow colleagues.
  • Design attractive workflows for the software which can be implemented using the existing API and custom plug-in interfaces.
  • Integrate the solution with the source code into our build and delivery process.
  • Document the examples.
Expected deliverables
  • A set of source code files (in both languages per each interface) which can be compiled and demonstrate the possibilities of the custom software API and interfaces for beginning developers for a fast bootstrap.
  • Integration into our build process.
  • Documentation.

Knowledge and Skills

  • Knowledge of the English language is a must; other languages are an advantage.
  • EDP Knowledge of SQL; C#; VB.NET; MS Office is necessary. Knowledge of MS Build is optional.

Starting Period
The internship can start any time throughout the year. The period has to be 4 – 6 months.

Why Intergraph?
Intergraph is the world leader in delivering software and services for the management and visual representation of complex information. Located in 60 countries across the world, our commitment to the costumers and markets we serve, history of innovation and proven solution span 35 years. Governments and businesses in over 100 countries around the world rely on our technology and services to support better and faster operational decisions.

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If you are interested in the internship, please send your cover letter and CV by e-mail or post (address below) to the Human Resource Department of Intergraph.

Intergraph Benelux B.V.
Postbus 333
2130 AH Hoofddorp, ter attentie van Nathalie Onderwater.


Additional information

This internship is only available for those who are currently students and where an internship is part of the educational program. We can only accept candidates for this internship from the European Union or candidates outside the European Union in possession of a Dutch work and residence permit.

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