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This hands-on class will increase workplace productivity, teaching the student conceptual aspects as well as the mechanics of working with real-world data. Students are fully introduced to the product's functionality through classroom exercises, including data warehouse creation, specifics relating to data connections, spatial analysis, inputting GPS data, plotting and more. The course is designed as a thorough introduction to GeoMedia and is appropriate for the first-time user as well as experienced users. Instructors use an interactive approach to introduce the required GIS concepts while demonstrating how to harness the power of GeoMedia within the workplace.

Topics Covered

  • Working with GeoWorkspaces
  • Working with Coordinate Systems
  • Connecting to an Access Warehouse
  • Using Spatial Filters
  • Legend Controls and the Map Window 
  • Using the Data Window
  • Feature Class Definition 
  • Creating Joins
  • Thematic Mapping
  • Warehousing with GeoMedia
  • Geocoding Coordinates 
  • Placing Buffer Zones
  • Working With Queries 
  • Inserting Features
  • Performing Spatial Overlay Queries 
  • Inserting Images
  • Analysing Geometry 
  • Inserting Text and Labels


  • Although not essential, delegates will find some background knowledge of GIS and SQL of use on the course.
  • Familiarity with a Windows Operating System is required.


4 days

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